Fee Schedule

Annual membership fee
(all classes except Postgraduate Education)


Penalty for payment of annual fee received after June 1st


Annual membership fee for Postgraduate Education class


Application fee (excluding Postgraduate Education class)


Application fee (under s. 72 RHPA and s.3.6 O. Reg. 865/93)


Application fee for Postgraduate Education class


Application fee for Supervised Short Duration class


Application fee to modify terms, conditions imposed on Restricted certificate by Registration Committee 


Certificate of Professional Conduct


Certificate of Status of Registration


Membership Diploma


Change of name in College register


Replacement Membership Certificate


Replacement Certificate of Registration


Duplicate receipt for fee payment


Fee for Use of College Seal


Certificate of Authorization application fee


Certificate of Authorization annual renewal fee


Note: Application fees for certificates of registration include $5 recovery fee for registration audit required by Ontario Fairness Commissioner

April 2016