Peer and Practice Assessment

Peer and practice assessment is a requirement of CPSO membership as it helps ensure physicians are adhering to a standard level of practice, while also identifying potential areas for improvement.

Being selected for a peer assessment can generate several reactions for physicians: some welcome the opportunity to review their practice; others are ambivalent; and for a significant number of physicians, their primary reaction is anxiety.

The Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) and program staff strive to alleviate these concerns by making the experience productive, collegial and educational. If you’re selected for an assessment, we strongly encourage you to review our information about the process and be proactive in preparing for it, such as reviewing your records using the protocols that apply to your practice. If you identify any issues, you can take action before the assessment and share what you have done with the assessor. The spirit of the process is designed to engage members in an educational experience and the QAC is committed to providing you with feedback and support to engage in lifelong learning.

As demonstrated below, physicians’ reactions following a peer assessment are generally quite positive.

It was not a traumatic experience. I wish this assessment was done twenty years ago.

Helpful, handy, thought provoking.

The assessor’s manner put me at ease in a potentially very stressful situation…overall a positive experience.

I appreciate the guidance [from the assessor] and I particularly appreciated the gentle, careful explanation and its presentation. It will influence my future.

Physicians have the opportunity to provide feedback following an assessment and all suggestions regarding assessors and the process are reviewed, considered, shared with the assessors and considered for future program development.

Registration Pathways Evaluation

The College is conducting an evaluation to determine what, if any, differences exist in the performance of physicians who achieve Ontario registration through alternative and traditional pathways to registration. Physicians who have registered via different routes to registration will be selected for the evaluation. Visit the dedicated webpage to learn more about this evaluation project.