President and Senior Staff

Council President, Dr. Carol Leet


At the December meeting of Council, Dr. Carol Leet became the College’s new President. 



Dr. Carol Leet

Dr. Rocco Gerace

Mr. Dan Faulkner 
Deputy Registrar

Mr. Douglas Anderson
Corporate Services Officer, Associate Registrar

Ms. Maureen Boon
Senior Advisor, Executive Office

Ms. Lisa Brownstone
Co-Director, Legal Department

Dr. Angela Carol
Medical Advisor, Quality Management

Dr. Mara Goldstein
Medical Advisor, Investigations & Resolutions

Dr. Keith Hay
Medical Advisor, Quality Management

Ms. Jill Hefley
Associate Director, Policy and Communications

Mr. Wade Hillier
Director, Quality Management Division

Ms. Lisa Kerr
Associate Director, Information Technology

Dr. Bill McCauley
Medical Advisor, Quality Management

Ms. Sandy McCulloch
Director, Associate Registrar, Investigations and Resolutions

Dr. Eugenia Piliotis
Medical Advisor, Investigations and Resolutions

Mr. Keven Reay
Associate Director, Human Resources

Dr. Michael Szul
Medical Advisor, Associate Registrar, Investigations and Resolutions

Ms. Louise Verity
Director, Associate Registrar, Policy and Communications

Ms. Vicki White
Co-Director, Legal Department

Dr. James Wilson
Medical Advisor, Investigations & Resolutions