Council Elections

Council Elections

The College welcomes the following newly elected and re-elected members of Council.

District 1:
Dr. Peter Tadros

District 2:
Dr. Ronald Wexler


District 3:
Dr. Jerry Rosenblum

District 4:
Dr. Eric Stanton

District 4:
Dr. Brenda Copps

Three-year terms begin following Council's Annual General Meeting in December.

Online Voting

For the first time, the district Council election was conducted online using an electronic ballot that was distributed by email. More than 35 per cent of eligible voters participated in the election. The level of participation was up by between 5 and 10 per cent over previous elections where voters were required to return paper ballots to the College. Feedback on the new online voting process was overwhelming positive.

Nomination Process

To stand for election, you must be nominated by five members of the College who are in good standing. We recommend that you provide seven nominators to prevent delays if any of your nominators are not in good standing.

The nominator must be eligible to vote in the district for which he or she is nominating the candidate.

Once we receive your completed Nomination Form we will send you additional information about the election itself.

If elected, you will be required to have a criminal record check.

As part of the election process, we will mail information about each candidate to the members in the relevant district. We will also post this information and a picture of each candidate on our website. A short biography and a statement about why you are running for election will help voters get to know you better.

District Election Enhancements

Council has approved two by-law amendments to improve the district election nomination procedure.

One of the amendments will decrease the number of nominators needed for a candidate for election as a Council member from 15 physicians to five. The requirement for 15 nominators was seen to be onerous particularly on physicians practising in smaller communities and settings and inconsistent with practices in other jurisdictions.

The second by-law amendment stipulates that to be eligible to nominate a candidate, the nominator must be eligible to vote in the district for which he or she is nominating the candidate.

About Council

The Council is the governing body of the College. The Regulated Health Professions Act stipulates that it consist of at least 32 and no more than 34 members. Council is composed of 16 elected physicians, three academic physician representatives and 13-15 members of the public who are appointed by government.

Term of office: Maximum three years for elected physician members. Councillors may not serve more than three terms (nine consecutive years).

Council meetings: Four or five per year.

Committees: Each Council member is appointed to one or more committees. Time commitments vary by committee.

Payment: Fees are set in the by-laws for participation in College activities. The current rate is $435 per half day, plus expenses such as travel and preparation time.

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