Meet the Council

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From the President

It is with great honour that I assume the role of CPSO President for 2023. This is an extraordinary time in the history of health care in Ontario. As we grapple with the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, the medical profession continues to face enormous challenges around physician supply and burnout, patient access to care, and public trust in the health system overall. But with these challenges come incredible opportunities — opportunities to address the deeply rooted issues affecting that system, and to find solutions that will serve both our immediate needs and our long-term goals. Without a doubt, CPSO will play an important role in ensuring Ontarians continue to enjoy some of the best health care in the world.

I first got involved in the College in 2015 when I joined our Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC). Sitting on ICRC opened my eyes to the sheer breadth of work CPSO does and the importance of medical regulation here in Ontario, and it allowed me to see so many elements of practice through the patient perspective. It inspired me to run for CPSO Council in 2016, and then on to its Executive Committee and the Presidency.

CPSO electoral district map representing 10 districts
Electoral district map. Click to enlarge.

Over the next year, we will continue to focus on governance modernization and the application of right-touch regulation principles in all aspects of our work. And we will continue to provide guidance and support in the form of meaningful policies, effective quality improvement initiatives, and clear and open communications with all of you.

Despite all that we’ve been through over the course of COVID-19, I remain profoundly hopeful about the opportunities that the pandemic has provided us for improvement – both in how we provide excellent care to our patients, and in reigniting all those joys and rewards that made us want to become physicians in the first place. These things are not separate, of course. They are and always will be one and the same.

Dr. Robert Gratton
President — Electoral District 2

Elected Professional Members

Dr. Baraa Achtar (Kitchener)
Electoral District 3
Dr. Madhu Azad (Thunder Bay)
Electoral District 9
Dr. Glen Bandiera (Toronto)
Electoral District 10
Dr. Camille Lemieux (Toronto)
Electoral District 10
Dr. Lionel Marks de Chabris (Sudbury)
Electoral District 8
Dr. Carys Massarella (Hamilton)
Electoral District 4
Dr. Judith Plante (Pembroke)
Electoral District 7
Dr. Ian Preyra (Burlington)
Electoral District 4
Dr. Rupa Patel (Kingston)
Electoral District 6
Dr. Sarah Reid (Ottawa)
Electoral District 7
Dr. Deborah Robertson (Toronto)
Electoral District 10
Dr. Patrick Safieh (Toronto)
Electoral District 10
Dr. Andrea Steen (Windsor)
Electoral District 1
Dr. Anne Walsh (Newmarket)
Electoral District 5

Public Members

Lucy Becker
Faiq Bilal
Jose Cordeiro
Joan Fisk
Murthy Ghandikota
Shahab Khan
Paul Malette
Lydia Miljan
Rob Payne
King City
Peter Pielsticker
Linda Robbins
Fred Sherman
Shannon Weber

Academic Representatives

Dr. Mary Bell
University of Toronto
Dr. Marie-Pierre Carpentier
University of Ottawa
Dr. Roy Kirkpatrick
Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Dr. P. Andrea Lum
Western University
Dr. Karen Saperson
McMaster University
Dr. Janet van Vlymen
Queen's University