Positions & Initiatives

The College has developed a number of position statements on issues impacting self-regulation and the practice of medicine in Ontario. These include the College’s perspective on the importance of working in collaboration with other health professionals to improve patient care; our commitment to working with the provincial government and other stakeholders to help ensure that the recruitment of international medical graduates occurs ethically; and our commitment to facilitating entry to medical practice for physicians who meet Ontario’s standards.

One recent initiative resulted in regulatory changes that will further patient safety by giving the College the authority to inspect out-of-hospital facilities where certain procedures are performed using anesthesia, and to assess physicians working in these premises.  Out-of-Hospital Premises Inspection Program.

A new position statement drafted with the College of Midwives of Ontario supports our common goal to meet the primary maternity care needs of Ontario’s women and families. It supports our members in fostering collaborative relationships built on trust and mutual respect for each other’s role in the provision of care to pregnant women and infants. College of Midwives Joint Statement on Interprofessional Care