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2016 - 12 - 21 Discipline Committee Decisions

21/12/2016 Dr. Wing-Tai Fung; Dr. James Wen Young; Dr. David James Hill; Dr. Ravi Kakar; Dr. Christopher Pinto

Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse


2016 - 11 - 28 Discipline Committee Decisions

28/11/2016 Dr. Jan Pieter Lucas; Dr. Francesca Anne Di Paola; Dr. Barbara Anne Pilarski; Dr. Kevin Johnston; Dr. Romulo Fanio Anastasio Jr.; Dr. Paramjit Gill; Dr. Somchai Jiaravuthisan; Dr. Murray Bruce Wilson; Dr. Kulbir Singh Billing

Ensuring Safe Opioid Prescribing

03/11/2016 Statement from CPSO president, Dr. Joel Kirsh

2016 - 10 - 27 Discipline Committee Decisions

27/10/2016 Dr. Janice Louise Ruggles; Dr. Rajinder Singh Sekhon; Dr. Donato Anthony Ruggiero; Dr. Robert Samuel Crozier; Dr. Christopher Paul Brand; Dr. Anthony Michael Galea

2016 - 9 - 29 Discipline Committee Decisions

29/09/2016 Dr. Jacques Henri Dubins; Dr. Daniel Robert Marshall; Dr. Zvi Margaliot; Dr. Mirza Rajabali Virani; Dr. Wagdy Abdalla Botros; Dr. Mehdi Horri; Dr. Paul Michael Porter

CPSO Leads the Way for Greater Public Protection


2016 - 8 - 31 Discipline Committee Decisions

31/08/2016 Dr. Julie Lee Clowater; Dr. Rob Joseph Kamermans; Dr. Ali Ali Abdulla Mansour; Dr. Andrew Winston Taylor; Dr. William Arthur Damian Beairsto; Dr. Medhat Nader Ramzy; Dr. Ira Michael Price; Dr. Donato Anthony Ruggiero

2016 - 7 - 25 Discipline Committee Decisions

25/07/2016 Dr. Douglas Earl Brooks; Dr. Judi Dianne Marcin; Dr. Anthony Richard Eldon Laws; Dr. Clary Jefferson Foote

2016 - 6 - 27 Discipline Committee Decisions

27/06/2016 Dr. Pavel Frantisek Straka; Dr. Mirza Rajabali Virani

College provides guidance on physician-assisted death


2016 - 5 - 26 Discipline Committee Decisions

26/05/2016 Dr. Sherapartap Singh Rai; Dr. Swaran Kaur Syan; Dr. William Maclaren Muirhead; Dr. Julie Lee Clowater; Dr. Atef Malak Shehata Ghali

College recommends amendments to legislation to facilitate and clarify patient access to medical assistance in dying


2016 - 4 - 29 Discipline Committee Decisions

29/04/2016 Dr. Judi Dianne Marcin; Dr. Jayant Shankerprasad Bhatt; Dr. Howard Sheldon Einstoss; Dr. Javad Peirovy; Dr. Creighton Hui

Federal legislation on medical assistance in dying


2016 - 3 - 30 Discipline Committee Decisions

30/03/2016 Dr. Wagdy Abdalla Botros; Dr. George Glumac; Dr. Daniel Marshall

2016 - 2 - 29 Discipline Committee Decisions

29/02/2016 Dr. Chinniah Krishnalingam; Dr. Paul Michael Porter; Dr. Anna Maria Wojcicka; Dr. Andrzej Tomasz Wojcicki; Dr. Wagdy Abdalla Botros; Dr. Herman Yip-Chi Ng

2016 - 1 - 29 Discipline Committee Decisions

29/01/2016 Dr. John Edward Esmond; Dr. Sherapartap Singh Rai

Physician-Assisted Death: College Approves Interim Guidance


Our Statement to The Fifth Estate



2015 - 12 - 17 - Discipline Committee Decisions

17/12/2015 Dr. Michael Varenbut; Dr. Stanley Thomas Dobrowolski; Dr. Stephen Rose James; Dr. Wagdy Abdalla Botros

CPSO Statement on Expert Advisory Group Report on Physician-Assisted Dying


Physician-Assisted Death: College Consults on Interim Guidance


2015 - 10 - 29 - Discipline Committee Decisions

29/10/2015 Dr. George Williams Otto; Dr. Bertram Wing King; Dr. Tariq Iqbal

2015 - 9 - 29 - Discipline Committee Decisions

29/09/2015 Dr. Rajesh Mohan; Dr. Tariq Iqbal

Enhancing End-of-Life Care Guidance and Greater Protection from Sexual Abuse


2015 - 8 - 27 - Discipline Committee Decisions

27/08/2015 Dr. Wagdy Abdalla Botros; Dr. Peter John Brown; Dr. Wayne Edgar Stanley

Announcement of consultation and expert advisory group on physician-assisted dying and end of life care


College Not a Barrier to Sunscreen Programs


2015 - 7 - 29 - Discipline Committee Decisions

29/07/2015 Dr. Inge Vasovich; Dr. Mary Elizabeth McIntyre; Dr. Eleazar Noriega

2015 - 6 - 26 Discipline Committee Decisions

26/06/2015 Dr. Wee Lim Sim; Dr. Craita Arina Romanescu

Raising the Bar of Accountability: College Council Votes for Greater Transparency, Stronger Patient Protection


2015 - 5 - 27 Discipline Committee Decisions

27/05/2015 Dr. Sammy Joe Sliwin; Dr. Sharif Tadros; Dr. Ramesh Patel; Dr. Peter John Brown

2015 - 4 - 30 Discipline Committee Decisions

30/04/2015 Dr. John Hyunsik Shin; Dr. Diane Elizabeth Egles; Dr. Gregory John Jun Tung Lowe; Dr. Swaran Kaur Syan; Dr. Wagdy Abdalla Botros

2015 - 3 - 26 Discipline Committee Decisions

26/03/2015 Dr. David Brian Opper; Dr. Ramesh Patel

Statement from the College of Physicians and Surgeons — Professional Obligations and Human Rights


College Council approves new policy that safeguards human rights and puts patients first


2015 - 2 - 25 Discipline Committee Decisions

25/02/2015 Dr. Michel Ronald Prevost; Dr. Mile Savic

2015 - 1 - 30 Discipline Committee Decisions

30/01/2015 Dr. Jordan Kirkwood Mzoma Achiume; Dr. Roger Cyril Wales; Dr. Bruce Gordon Minnes; Dr. Stephen Charles Huebel; Dr. Kwame Attuah

2015 - 1 - 5 Discipline Committee Decisions

05/01/2015 Dr. Olu Kayode Louis Victor Nicol; Dr. Andrew Paul Joseph Finnegan; Dr. Jennifer Margaret Armstrong


College’s Priority is Protecting Patients


College Launches Consultations on Policies and Transparency By-laws

11/12/2014 Consultation Includes Human Rights, End-of-Life Care and Consent to Treatment Policies

College takes action on Sexual Abuse and Transparency


2014 - 11 - 27 Discipline Committee Decisions

27/11/2014 Dr. Vijay Sharma; Dr. Eleazar Humberto Noriega; Dr. Rob Joseph Kamermans; Dr. Dolly Teresa Nahri

CPSO suspends Dr. Sharif Tadros


2014 - 10 - 30 Discipline Committee Decisions

30/10/2014 Dr. David Gary Saul; Dr. Bruce Gordon Minnes; Dr. Colin Peter Sinclair

2014 - 09 - 26 Discipline Committee Decisions

26/09/2014 Dr. Alexander Milton Haines; Dr. Robert Louis Reid; Dr. Samir Barsoum Aziz

2014 - 08 - 29 Discipline Committee Decisions

29/08/2014 Dr. Vipul Kumar Bhupal, Dr. Jamal Ali Mohamed Rakem, Dr. Andre Gagnon, Dr. Christiane Farazli,

2014 - 05 - 30 Discipline Committee Decisions

30/05/2014 Dr. Ernest Eugene Hajcsar, Burlington; Dr. James Scott Bradley Martin, London; Dr. Behnaz Yazdanfar

Ottawa physician honoured with prestigious Council Award


College confirms facts in Dr. James Martin hearing


CPSO obtains a Court Order on consent with a person practising medicine without a licence

22/05/2014 Eve Stewart of Ottawa has agreed to stop performing all controlled acts

2014 - 04 - 29 Discipline Committee Decisions

29/04/2014 Dr. Awad I. Awad, Oakville

Discipline Committee Decisions

26/03/2014 Dr. Jeffrey Steven Gale, Kingston; Dr. William Maclaren Muirhead; Dr. Richard Conolly Austin

CPSO obtains interim Court Order against person practising medicine without a licence

07/03/2014 Eve Stewart of Ottawa directed to stop performing all controlled acts

Discipline Committee Decisions

25/02/2014 Dr. Gerald Wayne Powell, Ottawa; Dr. Robin Charles Woollam, Mississauga; Dr. Alvin Wah Wing Lau, Toronto; Dr. Stanley Bo-Shui Chung, Toronto; Dr. Walid Abawi, Toronto

CPSO Begins Legal Proceeding Against Person Practising Medicine Without A Licence

14/02/2014 CPSO Take Action Against Eve Stewart

Discipline Committee Decisions

29/01/2014 Dr. Leona Constance Rudinskas, Weston

Discipline Committee Decisions

28/01/2014 Dr. Leona Constance Rudinskas, Weston; Dr. Roland C.K. Wong, Toronto.


Discipline Committee Decision

20/12/2013 Dr. Dariusz Piotr Piatek; Dr. Alvin Wah Wing Lau

Discipline Committee Decisions

26/11/2013 Dr. Clint Anthony Redhead; Dr. Sastri Narendra Maharajh; Dr. Jerry Tennen

Discipline Committee Decisions

31/10/2013 Dr. Alan Ross Laing; Dr. Sammy Joe Sliwin; Dr. Andrew Sai-Chak Shum; Dr. Kathleen Joyce Pratt

Discipline Committee Decisions

31/10/2013 Dr. Alan Ross Laing; Dr. Sammy Joe Sliwin; Dr. Andrew Sai-Chak Shum; Dr. Kathleen Joyce Pratt October 31, 2013

Discipline Committee Decisions

26/09/2013 Dr. Sastri Narendra Maharajh; Dr. Israel Shoel Rosenhek; Dr. Walid Abawi; Dr. Mohammed Hussein

Dr. Alaina Aguanno to receive certificate as Physician No.100,000


Discipline Committee Decisions

29/07/2013 Dr. Padamjit Mohan Singh; Dr. Kwame Attuah; Dr. Eleazar H. Noriega

Discipline Committee Decisions

25/06/2013 Dr. Howard Wu; Dr. James Edward Roland McInnis; Dr. Justin Fuminori Onzuka; Dr. Olusola Olufemi Sogbein; Dr. Naeem Hafiz Muhammad

CPSO Licenses Physician No.100,000

06/05/2013 Record-breaking number of doctors licensed in 2012

Discipline Committee Decisions

29/04/2013 Dr. Sami J.G. Karkanis; Dr. Wieslawa H. Moore

Discipline Committee Decisions

27/03/2013 Dr. Rob J. Kamermans; Dr. Eleazar H. Noriega; Dr. Michael G. Sumner

Discipline Committee Decisions

28/02/2013 Dr. Bernard Norman Barwin; Dr. Kenneth Buttoo; Dr. Hung-Tat Lo; Dr. Naeem Hafiz Muhammad; Dr. Michael Varenbut

By-law passed unanimously to allow results of out-of-hospital premises inspections to be made public


Discipline Committee Decisions

31/01/2013 Dr. Calvin T. Lian; Dr. Roland C.K. Wong; Dr. David Stuart Lambert; Dr. Munjal S. Parikh; Dr. Alex S.S. Rivlin; Dr. Leonard A. Makerewich; Dr. Garry Y. Shomair; Dr. John K. Pariag; Dr. Samuel J. Wassermann; Dr. Robert S. Cameron


Bridging the Gap

03/12/2012 College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario today released a report conveying the results and planned next steps for the College’s new Out-of-Hospital Premises Inspection Program (OHPIP).

Discipline Committee Decisions

28/11/2012 Dr. Lucy Awad; Dr. Bryan William Carroll; Dr. Yadvinder Singh Dhaliwal; Dr. Jacob Veenstra; Dr. Heather Allison Larton; Dr. Sami J.G. Karkanis

Discipline Committee Decisions

03/10/2012 Dr. Joyce Buckley; Dr. John A. Paolone; Dr. Emilie N. Newell

Discipline Committee Decisions

27/07/2012 Dr. C. Nicholas Rathe; Dr. Ian E. DePass

Discipline Committee Decisions

29/06/2012 Dr. Alexander M. Alexander, Dr. Erez Tamari, Dr. Elliott Saul Cohen, Dr. John Gerard van Dorsser, Dr. Bryan Edward Williams, Dr. Romulo Fanio Anastasio Jr.,Dr. Karen Gaye Dockrill, Dr. Magdy Messiha Hanna, Dr. Galdino Pontarini

College releases 2011 registration results

01/06/2012 Registering Success 2011

Discipline Committee Decisions

27/04/2012 Dr. Robert M. Carter; Dr. John K. Pariag; Dr. Eli Judah; Dr. Paul M. Porter

Discipline Committee Decisions

30/03/2012 Dr. Tarik Ali Farooq; Dr. Padma Jain; Dr. Daniel C. Sweet; Dr. Cyril P. Marks

Discipline Committee Decisions

28/02/2012 Dr. Hung-Tat Lo; Dr. Clement Ka-Chun Yeung; Dr. Noemie A.E.B. Guindon; Dr. William G. Weaver

Discipline Committee Decisions

01/02/2012 Dr. Richard Alexander Irvine; Dr. Robert Stewart Cameron; Dr. Eleazar H. Noriega; Dr. Kim Choy Lui; Dr. Miguel Marc Joseph Bonin; Dr. Behnaz Yazdanfar