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CPSO Council Names Dr. James Wright as New Registrar/CEO


CPSO Releases Interim Opioid Strategy Progress Update


Dr. Michael Stephenson, Kitchener champion of refugee health, receives CPSO Council Award


2017 - 8 - 30 Discipline Committee Decisions

30/08/2017 Dr. Roger Cyril Wales; Dr. Allyson Enid Koffman; Dr. Nagi Nazmi Riad Ghabbour; Dr. Haydarally Hasanalee Fazal

2017 - 7 - 31 Discipline Committee Decisions

31/07/2017 Dr. Daniel Robert Marshall; Dr. Daniel Charles Sweet; Dr. Ejaz Ahmed Ghumman

2017 - 6 - 29 Discipline Committee Decisions

29/06/2017 Dr. Peter Paul Baranick; Dr. Robert Claude Maranda; Dr. James Wen Young; Dr. Reza Yaghini; Dr. Kulbir Singh Billing

CPSO defends patients’ rights to access health services


2017 - 5 - 29 Discipline Committee Decisions

29/05/2017 Dr. Arturo Sanchez; Dr. Jeffrey Rice Holmes Matheson; Dr. Jamal Ali Mohamed Rakem; Dr. Kenneth Werezak Adams; Dr. David James Hill

Dr. William Gary Smith of Orillia receives CPSO Council Award


College Welcomes 2017 Canadian Guideline for Opioids for Chronic Pain

08/05/2017 Statement from Dr. David Rouselle, President

2017 - 5 - 1 Discipline Committee Decisions

01/05/2017 Dr. Reza Yaghini; Dr. Haya Maal-Bared; Dr. Patrick Wing Nin Yau; Dr. Yelian Garcia; Dr. Joseph Antonio Zadra; Dr. Andrew Winston Taylor

CPSO begins legal proceeding against person practising medicine without a licence

03/04/2017 Contempt of Court Order sought against Eve Stewart

2017 - 4 - 3 Discipline Committee Decisions

03/04/2017 Dr. Bijan Pardis; Dr. Susan Louise Roche; Dr. Peter Michael Fenton; Dr. Mehdi Horri

Registrar Dr. Rocco Gerace Stepping Down

03/04/2017 Recruitment for Replacement Underway

2017 - 3 - 3 Discipline Committee Decisions

03/03/2017 Dr. Reza Yaghini; Dr. Thomas Joseph Barnard; Dr. Timothy Gordon Remillard

Dr. Shazia Ambreen of Alliston receives Council Award


2017 - 1 - 31 Discipline Committee Decisions

31/01/2017 Dr. Gerard Michael MacNeil; Dr. Reza Yaghini; Dr. Gerald Wayne Powell; Dr. Martin M.S. Lee; Dr. Marc Jeffrey Podell


2016 - 12 - 21 Discipline Committee Decisions

21/12/2016 Dr. Wing-Tai Fung; Dr. James Wen Young; Dr. David James Hill; Dr. Ravi Kakar; Dr. Christopher Pinto

Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse


2016 - 11 - 28 Discipline Committee Decisions

28/11/2016 Dr. Jan Pieter Lucas; Dr. Francesca Anne Di Paola; Dr. Barbara Anne Pilarski; Dr. Kevin Johnston; Dr. Romulo Fanio Anastasio Jr.; Dr. Paramjit Gill; Dr. Somchai Jiaravuthisan; Dr. Murray Bruce Wilson; Dr. Kulbir Singh Billing

Ensuring Safe Opioid Prescribing

03/11/2016 Statement from CPSO president, Dr. Joel Kirsh

2016 - 10 - 27 Discipline Committee Decisions

27/10/2016 Dr. Janice Louise Ruggles; Dr. Rajinder Singh Sekhon; Dr. Donato Anthony Ruggiero; Dr. Robert Samuel Crozier; Dr. Christopher Paul Brand; Dr. Anthony Michael Galea

2016 - 9 - 29 Discipline Committee Decisions

29/09/2016 Dr. Jacques Henri Dubins; Dr. Daniel Robert Marshall; Dr. Zvi Margaliot; Dr. Mirza Rajabali Virani; Dr. Wagdy Abdalla Botros; Dr. Mehdi Horri; Dr. Paul Michael Porter

CPSO Leads the Way for Greater Public Protection


2016 - 8 - 31 Discipline Committee Decisions

31/08/2016 Dr. Julie Lee Clowater; Dr. Rob Joseph Kamermans; Dr. Ali Ali Abdulla Mansour; Dr. Andrew Winston Taylor; Dr. William Arthur Damian Beairsto; Dr. Medhat Nader Ramzy; Dr. Ira Michael Price; Dr. Donato Anthony Ruggiero

2016 - 7 - 25 Discipline Committee Decisions

25/07/2016 Dr. Douglas Earl Brooks; Dr. Judi Dianne Marcin; Dr. Anthony Richard Eldon Laws; Dr. Clary Jefferson Foote

2016 - 6 - 27 Discipline Committee Decisions

27/06/2016 Dr. Pavel Frantisek Straka; Dr. Mirza Rajabali Virani

College provides guidance on physician-assisted death


2016 - 5 - 26 Discipline Committee Decisions

26/05/2016 Dr. Sherapartap Singh Rai; Dr. Swaran Kaur Syan; Dr. William Maclaren Muirhead; Dr. Julie Lee Clowater; Dr. Atef Malak Shehata Ghali

College recommends amendments to legislation to facilitate and clarify patient access to medical assistance in dying


2016 - 4 - 29 Discipline Committee Decisions

29/04/2016 Dr. Judi Dianne Marcin; Dr. Jayant Shankerprasad Bhatt; Dr. Howard Sheldon Einstoss; Dr. Javad Peirovy; Dr. Creighton Hui

Federal legislation on medical assistance in dying


2016 - 3 - 30 Discipline Committee Decisions

30/03/2016 Dr. Wagdy Abdalla Botros; Dr. George Glumac; Dr. Daniel Marshall

2016 - 2 - 29 Discipline Committee Decisions

29/02/2016 Dr. Chinniah Krishnalingam; Dr. Paul Michael Porter; Dr. Anna Maria Wojcicka; Dr. Andrzej Tomasz Wojcicki; Dr. Wagdy Abdalla Botros; Dr. Herman Yip-Chi Ng

2016 - 1 - 29 Discipline Committee Decisions

29/01/2016 Dr. John Edward Esmond; Dr. Sherapartap Singh Rai

Physician-Assisted Death: College Approves Interim Guidance


Our Statement to The Fifth Estate



2015 - 12 - 17 - Discipline Committee Decisions

17/12/2015 Dr. Michael Varenbut; Dr. Stanley Thomas Dobrowolski; Dr. Stephen Rose James; Dr. Wagdy Abdalla Botros

CPSO Statement on Expert Advisory Group Report on Physician-Assisted Dying


Physician-Assisted Death: College Consults on Interim Guidance


2015 - 10 - 29 - Discipline Committee Decisions

29/10/2015 Dr. George Williams Otto; Dr. Bertram Wing King; Dr. Tariq Iqbal

2015 - 9 - 29 - Discipline Committee Decisions

29/09/2015 Dr. Rajesh Mohan; Dr. Tariq Iqbal

Enhancing End-of-Life Care Guidance and Greater Protection from Sexual Abuse


2015 - 8 - 27 - Discipline Committee Decisions

27/08/2015 Dr. Wagdy Abdalla Botros; Dr. Peter John Brown; Dr. Wayne Edgar Stanley

Announcement of consultation and expert advisory group on physician-assisted dying and end of life care


College Not a Barrier to Sunscreen Programs


2015 - 7 - 29 - Discipline Committee Decisions

29/07/2015 Dr. Inge Vasovich; Dr. Mary Elizabeth McIntyre; Dr. Eleazar Noriega

2015 - 6 - 26 Discipline Committee Decisions

26/06/2015 Dr. Wee Lim Sim; Dr. Craita Arina Romanescu

Raising the Bar of Accountability: College Council Votes for Greater Transparency, Stronger Patient Protection


2015 - 5 - 27 Discipline Committee Decisions

27/05/2015 Dr. Sammy Joe Sliwin; Dr. Sharif Tadros; Dr. Ramesh Patel; Dr. Peter John Brown

2015 - 4 - 30 Discipline Committee Decisions

30/04/2015 Dr. John Hyunsik Shin; Dr. Diane Elizabeth Egles; Dr. Gregory John Jun Tung Lowe; Dr. Swaran Kaur Syan; Dr. Wagdy Abdalla Botros

2015 - 3 - 26 Discipline Committee Decisions

26/03/2015 Dr. David Brian Opper; Dr. Ramesh Patel

Statement from the College of Physicians and Surgeons — Professional Obligations and Human Rights


College Council approves new policy that safeguards human rights and puts patients first


2015 - 2 - 25 Discipline Committee Decisions

25/02/2015 Dr. Michel Ronald Prevost; Dr. Mile Savic

2015 - 1 - 30 Discipline Committee Decisions

30/01/2015 Dr. Jordan Kirkwood Mzoma Achiume; Dr. Roger Cyril Wales; Dr. Bruce Gordon Minnes; Dr. Stephen Charles Huebel; Dr. Kwame Attuah

2015 - 1 - 5 Discipline Committee Decisions

05/01/2015 Dr. Olu Kayode Louis Victor Nicol; Dr. Andrew Paul Joseph Finnegan; Dr. Jennifer Margaret Armstrong


College’s Priority is Protecting Patients


College Launches Consultations on Policies and Transparency By-laws

11/12/2014 Consultation Includes Human Rights, End-of-Life Care and Consent to Treatment Policies

College takes action on Sexual Abuse and Transparency


2014 - 11 - 27 Discipline Committee Decisions

27/11/2014 Dr. Vijay Sharma; Dr. Eleazar Humberto Noriega; Dr. Rob Joseph Kamermans; Dr. Dolly Teresa Nahri

CPSO suspends Dr. Sharif Tadros


2014 - 10 - 30 Discipline Committee Decisions

30/10/2014 Dr. David Gary Saul; Dr. Bruce Gordon Minnes; Dr. Colin Peter Sinclair

2014 - 09 - 26 Discipline Committee Decisions

26/09/2014 Dr. Alexander Milton Haines; Dr. Robert Louis Reid; Dr. Samir Barsoum Aziz

2014 - 08 - 29 Discipline Committee Decisions

29/08/2014 Dr. Vipul Kumar Bhupal, Dr. Jamal Ali Mohamed Rakem, Dr. Andre Gagnon, Dr. Christiane Farazli,

2014 - 05 - 30 Discipline Committee Decisions

30/05/2014 Dr. Ernest Eugene Hajcsar, Burlington; Dr. James Scott Bradley Martin, London; Dr. Behnaz Yazdanfar

Ottawa physician honoured with prestigious Council Award


College confirms facts in Dr. James Martin hearing


CPSO obtains a Court Order on consent with a person practising medicine without a licence

22/05/2014 Eve Stewart of Ottawa has agreed to stop performing all controlled acts

2014 - 04 - 29 Discipline Committee Decisions

29/04/2014 Dr. Awad I. Awad, Oakville

Discipline Committee Decisions

26/03/2014 Dr. Jeffrey Steven Gale, Kingston; Dr. William Maclaren Muirhead; Dr. Richard Conolly Austin

CPSO obtains interim Court Order against person practising medicine without a licence

07/03/2014 Eve Stewart of Ottawa directed to stop performing all controlled acts

Discipline Committee Decisions

25/02/2014 Dr. Gerald Wayne Powell, Ottawa; Dr. Robin Charles Woollam, Mississauga; Dr. Alvin Wah Wing Lau, Toronto; Dr. Stanley Bo-Shui Chung, Toronto; Dr. Walid Abawi, Toronto

CPSO Begins Legal Proceeding Against Person Practising Medicine Without A Licence

14/02/2014 CPSO Take Action Against Eve Stewart

Discipline Committee Decisions

29/01/2014 Dr. Leona Constance Rudinskas, Weston

Discipline Committee Decisions

28/01/2014 Dr. Leona Constance Rudinskas, Weston; Dr. Roland C.K. Wong, Toronto.


Discipline Committee Decision

20/12/2013 Dr. Dariusz Piotr Piatek; Dr. Alvin Wah Wing Lau

Discipline Committee Decisions

26/11/2013 Dr. Clint Anthony Redhead; Dr. Sastri Narendra Maharajh; Dr. Jerry Tennen

Discipline Committee Decisions

31/10/2013 Dr. Alan Ross Laing; Dr. Sammy Joe Sliwin; Dr. Andrew Sai-Chak Shum; Dr. Kathleen Joyce Pratt

Discipline Committee Decisions

31/10/2013 Dr. Alan Ross Laing; Dr. Sammy Joe Sliwin; Dr. Andrew Sai-Chak Shum; Dr. Kathleen Joyce Pratt October 31, 2013

Discipline Committee Decisions

26/09/2013 Dr. Sastri Narendra Maharajh; Dr. Israel Shoel Rosenhek; Dr. Walid Abawi; Dr. Mohammed Hussein

Dr. Alaina Aguanno to receive certificate as Physician No.100,000


Discipline Committee Decisions

29/07/2013 Dr. Padamjit Mohan Singh; Dr. Kwame Attuah; Dr. Eleazar H. Noriega

Discipline Committee Decisions

25/06/2013 Dr. Howard Wu; Dr. James Edward Roland McInnis; Dr. Justin Fuminori Onzuka; Dr. Olusola Olufemi Sogbein; Dr. Naeem Hafiz Muhammad

CPSO Licenses Physician No.100,000

06/05/2013 Record-breaking number of doctors licensed in 2012

Discipline Committee Decisions

29/04/2013 Dr. Sami J.G. Karkanis; Dr. Wieslawa H. Moore

Discipline Committee Decisions

27/03/2013 Dr. Rob J. Kamermans; Dr. Eleazar H. Noriega; Dr. Michael G. Sumner

Discipline Committee Decisions

28/02/2013 Dr. Bernard Norman Barwin; Dr. Kenneth Buttoo; Dr. Hung-Tat Lo; Dr. Naeem Hafiz Muhammad; Dr. Michael Varenbut

By-law passed unanimously to allow results of out-of-hospital premises inspections to be made public


Discipline Committee Decisions

31/01/2013 Dr. Calvin T. Lian; Dr. Roland C.K. Wong; Dr. David Stuart Lambert; Dr. Munjal S. Parikh; Dr. Alex S.S. Rivlin; Dr. Leonard A. Makerewich; Dr. Garry Y. Shomair; Dr. John K. Pariag; Dr. Samuel J. Wassermann; Dr. Robert S. Cameron