Modifying Existing Terms, Conditions and Limitations

Members of the College holding a Restricted certificate of registration that carries terms, conditions and limitations ordered by the Registration Committee may apply to the Registration Committee to modify these terms, conditions and limitations.

To apply, complete and return the application form below.

Applications will be considered by the Registration Committee under s.19 of the RHPA Code, which authorizes the Committee to do one or more of the following:

  • Direct the Registrar to remove any term, condition or limitation imposed on the certificate of registration.
  • Direct the Registrar to modify terms, conditions or limitations on the certificate.
  • Refuse the application.

No assurances as to the outcome of Registration Committee review can be offered.

Supporting documents: Certain types of modifications always require specific third-party supporting documents. Before submitting the application, members may wish to call Registration Inquiries at 416-967-2617 for guidance.

Later on in the process, applicants may be asked by the Registration Committee Support Department to provide further documents or information that would assist Registration Committee’s consideration of the application.

All applications will be considered by the Registration Committee at its regularly scheduled meeting dates. Submission deadlines, as posted on CPSO website, will apply in all cases.

This application is not to be used for issuance of a new certificate of registration. Members seeking a new certificate must submit a regular application form with the required documents and fees.

After your application has been received by the College and referred to the Registration Committee Support, staff will correspond with you regarding required supporting documents and scheduling of your application for the next available Registration Committee meeting.

In some cases, if the Committee approves the application, certain credentialing requirements may need to be completed afterwards.

You may complete the application form online, print and add your signature. Instructions for mailing or faxing to the College are available on the form: Application to Modify Existing Registration Committee Terms and Conditions