Registration Policies

Registration Pathways and Policies

The College is committed to finding new and creative ways to evaluate the competence and performance of individuals who wish to practise medicine in Ontario. Council and its committees have developed registration policies and pathways that reflect this commitment. Applicants are encouraged to review these policies for any that might facilitate their registration and to contact the Registration Department if they have questions.

All applications submitted under one or more of the College’s Registration Policies require review and approval by the College’s Registration Committee. No assurances can be offered regarding the Registration Committee date or the outcome of this review, and therefore an applicant should not make any firm commitments to start practising in Ontario by a particular date. Information on Registration Committee process and meeting dates. Available here

Out of province licence holders in Canada should review the information relating to application under the Agreement on Internal Trade and use the forms for that purpose, if applicable. Read more

Evaluation of Registration Pathways

The College is conducting an evaluation of our registration policies and pathways to determine what, if any, differences exist in the performance of physicians who achieve Ontario registration through alternative and traditional pathways. For more information about the evaluation project, see Registration Pathways Evaluation.