Lee, Chee Choon (CPSO#: 66855)

Current Status: Active Member as of 23 Jun 1993

CPSO Registration Class: Restricted as of 30 Jan 2017

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Former Name: No Former Name

Gender: Male

Languages Spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin

Education:Taipei Medical College, 1981

Practice Information

Primary Location of Practice
Scarborough Medical Centre
Suite 207
4190 Finch Avenue East
Scarborough ON  M1S 4T7
Phone: (416) 298-3883
Fax: (416) 298-9849
Electoral District: 10

Registration History

Action Issue Date
First certificate of registration issued: Independent Practice Certificate Effective: 23 Jun 1993
Transfer of class of certificate to: Restricted certificate Effective: 30 Jan 2017
Terms and conditions imposed on certificate by Inquiries, Complaints and Repo Effective: 30 Jan 2017

Practice Restrictions

Imposed By Effective Date Expiry Date Status  
Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee Effective: 30 Jan 2017 Active View Details [+]

            As from 12:01 a.m., January 30, 2017, by order of the Inquiries, Complaints and
            Reports Committee of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, the
            following terms, conditions and limitations are imposed on the certificate of
            registration held by Dr. Chee Choon Lee:

            Practice Monitor and Patient Log

                  (i)   Dr. Lee shall not engage in any professional encounters with female
                        patients of any age unless the patient encounter takes place in the
                        presence of a monitor who is a female member of a regulated health
                        professional who is acceptable to the College (the "Practice
                  (ii)  At all times, Dr. Lee shall ensure that the Practice Monitor shall:
                        a.    Remain in the examination room or consultation room at all
                              times during all professional encounters with all female
                              patients, even if another person is accompanying the patient;
                        b.    Carefully observe all of his physical examinations (including
                              but not limited to internal examinations) of all female
                              patients, with an unobstructed view of the examination;
                        c.    refrain from performing any other functions, except those
                              required in the Practice Monitor's undertaking attached as
                              Appendix "A", while observing him in all professional
                              encounters with female patients;  
                        d.    Keep a patient log in the form attached as Appendix "B" to
                              this Order of all the female patients that Dr. Lee has an
                              in-person professional encounter with in the Practice
                              Monitor's presence (the "Log");
                        e.    Initial the corresponding entry in the records of each
                              patient noted in the Log to confirm that the Practice Monitor
                              was in the presence of Dr. Lee at all times during each
                              female in-person professional encounter;
                        f.    Submit the original Log to the College on a monthly basis;
                        g.    Provide reports (as described in the Practice Monitor's
                              Undertaking) to the College on at least a monthly basis.
                  (iii) Dr. Lee shall maintain a copy of the Log at all times, and shall
                        make it available to the College upon request;
            Notification of Practice Locations

                  (iv)  Dr. Lee shall inform the College of each and every location that he
                        practices including, but not limited to, hospital(s), clinic(s) and
                        office(s), in any jurisdiction (collectively the "Practice
                        Location(s)"), within five (5) days of this Order.  Going forward,
                        he shall inform the College of any and all new Practice Locations
                        within five (5) days of commencing practice at that location;
            Posting a Sign and Translations

                  (v)   Dr. Lee shall post a sign in his waiting room(s) and each of his
                        examination and/or consulting rooms, in all of his Practice
                        Locations, in a clearly visible and secure location, in the form
                        attached hereto as Appendix "C";
                  (vi)  Dr. Lee shall post a certified translation(s) in any language(s) in
                        which he provides services, of the sign described in (v) above, in
                        his waiting room(s) and each of his examination and/or consulting
                        rooms, in all of his Practice Locations, in a clearly visible and
                        secure location;
                  (vii) Dr. Lee shall provide the certified translation(s) described in
                        (vi) above within 30 days of the date of this Order;

                  (viii)Dr. Lee shall consent to the College to make appropriate enquiries
                        of the Ontario Health Insurance Plan and/or any person or
                        institution who may have relevant information in order for the
                        College to monitor Dr. Lee's compliance with the terms of this
                        Order and shall promptly sign such consents as may be necessary for
                        the College to obtain information from these persons or
                  (ix)  Dr. Lee shall submit to, and not interfere with, unannounced
                        inspections of his Practice Locations and to inspections of patient
                        charts by the College and to any other activity the College deems
                        necessary in order to monitor Dr. Lee's compliance with the terms
                        of this Order;
                  (x)   Dr. Lee shall consent to the College providing any and all
                        information to the Practice Monitor that the College deems
                        necessary or desirable in order to assist the Practice Monitor in
                        fulfilling her Undertaking and in order to monitor Dr. Lee's
                        compliance with the terms of this Order;
                  (xi)  Dr. Lee shall consent to all Practice Monitors to disclose to the
                        College, and to one another, any information relevant to this
                        Order, relevant to the terms of the Practice Monitor's Undertaking
                        and/or relevant for the purposes of monitoring Dr. Lee's compliance
                        with this Order; and
                  (xii) Dr. Lee shall consent to the College providing the Order to any
                        Chief(s) of Staff, or a colleague with similar responsibilities, at
                        any Practice Location where he practices or has privileges
                        ("Chief(s) of Staff"), and to provide said Chief(s) of Staff with
                        any information the College has that led to this Order and/or any
                        information arising from the monitoring of his compliance with this

Previous Hearings

Committee: Discipline
Decision Date: 14 Dec 2017

On December 14, 2017, the Discipline Committee found that Dr. Chee Choon Lee committed an 
act of professional misconduct, in that has engaged in conduct or an act or omission relevant to 
the practice of medicine that, having regard to all of the circumstances, would reasonably be 
regarded by members as disgraceful, dishonorable, or unprofessional. 
Patient A 
Patient A saw Dr. Lee from approximately 2000 until July 2014. Patient A alleged that prior to 
July 2014, Dr. Lee had touched her shoulders and legs, which she did not feel was for a medical 
purpose. Patient A further alleged that when she thanked Dr. Lee, he responded by saying “How 
will you thank me?” which comment she believed was sexual in nature. Patient A also alleged 
that at an appointment in July 2014, Dr. Lee came close to her, put his hands on her shoulders 
and kissed her on the lips. 
Given that Patient A had ongoing problems with rheumatoid arthritis which caused pain and 
swelling in her joints and the examinations recorded in Patient A’s medical record, the Discipline 
Committee was satisfied that Dr. Lee performed appropriate medical examinations, which would 
have involved touching of the shoulders and legs of Patient A.  
The Committee was not persuaded that Dr. Lee uttered the words “How will you thank me?” in 
the manner described by Patient A. The Committee found no support in evidence to assign a 
sexual connotation to the alleged words.  
The Committee found that Dr. Lee did not kiss Patient A on the lips. The Committee accepted 
that Dr. Lee was sufficiently close to Patient A that a movement of her head resulted in a lipstick 
smear on his cheek. The Committee found no support in the evidence that Dr. Lee wanted a 
sexual relationship with her. Given Dr. Lee’s management and involvement in Patient A’s 
medical problems over the years, the Committee found that Dr. Lee made a supportive gesture 
toward Patient A. A physician’s gesture of empathy or support was, in the view of the 
Committee, understandable in the circumstances.  
Nevertheless, the Committee found that Dr. Lee came too close to Patient A for no medically 
justifiable  reason,  and  in  doing  so, he  behaved  unprofessionally  and  made  her  feel 
uncomfortable. The Committee found that by being in such close proximity to Patient A for no 
medical purpose, Dr. Lee has engaged in an act relevant to the practice of medicine that, having 
regard  to  all  the  circumstances,  would  reasonably  be  regarded  by  members  as  disgraceful, 
dishonourable or unprofessional.  
Patient B 
On January 30, 2017, the Inquiries Complaints Reports Committee issued an Order requiring Dr. 
Lee to have a female monitor, who is a regulated health professional, present for all professional 
encounters with female patients. Dr. Lee did not arrange for a monitor; he modified his practice 
to see only male patients.  
In May 2017, Dr. Lee saw Patient B when she attended with her husband and administered an 
injection of Prolia for osteoporosis. 
Patient B received the first of two injections of Prolia for osteoporosis in November 2016 and 
has not seen Dr. Lee since that time. She was due to have a second injection in May, 2017. 
Although Dr. Lee’s office staff had called her residence a number of times to cancel the 
appointment, no-one answered the telephone. In May, 2017, she requested to have the shot 
administered, but this was refused by clinic staff.  
Patient B’s accompanied her husband to see Dr. Lee for a follow up appointment. They saw the 
sign in the office indicating that Dr. Lee was not to see female patients without a monitor, but 
thought it was fine as she was with her husband. Patient B was upset and crying as she was 
concerned about not receiving the injection. Her husband begged Dr. Lee to give her the 
injection, which Patient B had brought with her. Dr. Lee deferred for a while, but then 
administered the injection in Patient B’s upper arm. 
Dr. Lee neither submitted a billing for Patient B in May, 2017, nor did he make a note on her 
chart. Dr. Lee did not dispute that he administered an injection to Patient B and that this 
constituted a contravention of the ICRC Order dated January 30, 2017. 
The Committee stated that while this particular transgression may appear minor, the College 
relies on the honesty and integrity of its members to abide by orders of its Committees to 
regulate the profession in the public interest. The ICRC orders and the orders of other College 
Committees are made to ensure safety of the public. When, as here, there is a failure by a 
member to adhere to such an Order, in a non-emergency circumstance, where reasonable 
treatment alternatives are available, and where care is not critical in terms of patient safety, this 
constitutes professional misconduct and sanction must follow. 
The Committee found that Dr. Lee engaged in disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional 
conduct by breaching the Order of the ICRC dated January 30, 2017.  
A penalty hearing is to be scheduled.

Decision: Download Full Decision (PDF)
Hearing Date(s): Third Party Records Motion: August 23, 2017 Hearing Dates:September 19-22, 2017 Penalty Hearing date: May 28, 2018