OHPIP Assessment Forms and Tools

These tools are provided to guide physicians who practise in out of hospital premises.

NOTE: Download files to your computer/desktop for full functionality of forms. Please ensure you open and complete the forms in the latest version of Adobe Reader; otherwise entered text may not save.

Pre-Visit Questionnaire: Out-of-Hospital Premises Inspection Program

Inspection-Assessment Tools

Used by College assessors

I. Premises Standards

  • A. OHP Physical Standards
  • B. OHP Procedural Standards: Observational Component

II. Physician Observational Component: Clinical Observation Form

III. Patient Chart Assessment Tool

IV. Patient Chart Assessment Tool: Interventional Pain Management

V. Anesthesiology Chart Assessment Tool

Completed by the Medical Director

Post-Assessment Questionnaire for Assessors/Inspectors

Post-Assessment Questionnaire for Nurse Assessment Coordinator

IPAC Checklists for Clinical Office Practice

Browse by topic

  1. IPAC CORE Elements
  2. Reprocessing of Medical Equipment/Devices
  3. Endoscopy

OHPIP Notification Form

Physicians are required to provide the College with specific information about

  • the types of procedures they perform or plan to perform
  • out-of-hospital locations where they are or will be performed

The notification form must be fully completed and submitted to fulfill the obligation to provide written notice. Available online by logging into the Member Portal: Online notification form

Contact Us

For more information about the Out-of-Hospital Premises Inspection Program contact the College at: ohp@cpso.on.ca