Status Change Reporting Form

Medical Directors who have completed the initial inspection-assessment process and have been provided with a final rating still have a responsibility to notify College staff about changes to their premises. These changes include:

  • Adding new procedures
  • Changing your OHP level
  • Renovating
  • Moving to a new location
  • Renting space to other physicians
  • Ceasing operations

Notification of these situations should be provided to the College with as many details as possible in order to help us determine the next steps. Please access the Status Change Reporting Form by logging into the Members Portal and selecting the appropriate form. This form must be completed via the Members Portal, saved, and submitted when prompted to do so. Please note that your premises is only permitted to perform the procedure(s) that were disclosed to the CPSO during your initial inspection-assessment process. Changes to your premises following the initial inspection may result in a follow-up site inspection of the premises. You must wait until you receive approval from the CPSO prior to implementing any changes to your premises.

Note: Additional charges will be billed to an OHP for subsequent assessments outside of the scheduled cycle of assessment. Therefore, for premises that require a follow-up assessment, they will be invoiced the actual costs paid by the assessors who completed the additional assessment.

Access the Status Change Reporting Form by logging into the Members Portal.