Investigations Department Assessor

Help maintain professional standards by working with the College to investigate complaints

Practicing medicine can be an isolating experience that limits your interactions with your peers and the manner in which you apply your learned skills. But have you ever wondered how else you could use the experience you’ve gained in the medical profession? Interacting with your colleagues as a College assessor not only provides an occasion to impart your knowledge, but it may also reveal processes that could improve your own practice.

Being an Investigations Department Assessor is just one of several chances to work with the College by reviewing or providing an opinion on another physician’s practice. When the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC) is required to investigate a member, it needs experienced and trained physicians to perform the assessment. A physician in the assessor role may be asked to review complaints about a single patient or be involved in a more comprehensive review of care.

By signing up as an assessor for the College, you will have the opportunity to fill one of the following roles for the Investigations Department:

  • Independent Opinion Provider: Initiated by a public complaint, an independent opinion provider prepares a specified report based on the review of one patient chart and possibly an interview with the physician.
  • Medical Inspector: A broader examination of the physician’s practice, this role may involve: reviewing 25 patient charts; interviewing the physician at the College; observing the physician in his/her practise setting; and writing a specified report.
  • Reassessment: Following remediation, an assessor may review 15 patient charts to assess whether the physician has made ordered improvements. You will be asked to write a report and possibly prepare recommendations.

By choosing to participate in self-regulation, you join a community of fellow physicians with similar goals of upholding professional standards and broadening your own knowledge in the process. In addition to being compensated for your time and potentially earning CPD credits, you will be invited to Assessor Forums that offer a chance to meet with other assessors and discuss the role with your peers.

If this sounds like an opportunity you’d like to know more about, please contact Mark Bellefontaine, Assessor Recruiter/Investigator, 1-800-268-7096 ext. 326.