Resignation from Membership

Members not wishing to renew their membership are strongly advised to avoid suspension by formally resigning from membership instead. Such members should complete the resignation form provided in their renewal package and submit it before June 1.

Refunds of unused membership fees are not provided to resigning members.

Resigning from Membership

A member of the College can resign from membership at any time by submitting a signed, written notice of resignation.

Once you resign, your certificate of registration that authorizes you to practise medicine in Ontario expires. You must immediately cease all practice activities, including prescribing medications.

If you resign and later wish to regain registration with the College, be advised that you must apply and meet all requirements for registration in force at that time. In addition, both an application fee and membership fee will be levied.

Registration requirements are subject to change. You should not assume that after you resign you will be eligible for registration in the future. If you foresee returning to practise in Ontario, you should check into your eligibility for registration before you resign.

If you resign in good standing and held an Independent Practice certificate for 25 continuous years, you might qualify for Emeritus Status. Resignation form image

Resignations received in the spring during the College's annual billing period will normally be processed effective June 1. Resignations received at other times of the year will be processed effective the date of receipt.

The College will not refund any portion of the annual membership fee when members resign part way through the year.

Membership Services will provide written confirmation within four weeks of receiving your notice of resignation.

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