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Help inform our regulatory work by providing your feedback to our public consultations.

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Your feedback helps us to assess our guidance and expectations, and supports us in fulfilling our mandate to serve in the public interest.

To encourage conversation and ensure transparency, we post all feedback received anonymously on our website in accordance with our posting guidelines.


Current Consultations

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario recognizes we are experiencing unprecedented circumstances in the wake of COVID 19. However, as we move towards creating a “new normal” for the way we work, the College is beginning to resume some of our engagement activities. The feedback you provide on our policies, regulations, by-laws and other initiatives that are in development is essential to our processes and, as such, we invite you to participate in our open consultations.

We recognize current circumstances relating to COVID-19 may make participating in consultations more difficult. If you are unable to respond to a consultation before the closing date, please let us know and we can accommodate any delays you may be facing in responding. We are committed to making sure individuals and organizations who wish to respond to our consultations have the ability to do so.

Closed Consultations