Managing Disruptive Physician Behaviour

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This guidebook, which has been endorsed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) and the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA), was developed in response to the growing body of literature that raised concerns about the behaviour of health care professionals, physicians in particular, and the impact of behaviour on patient outcomes.

The publication offers some tools that the authors hope will be useful to those who work in a variety of educational and health care delivery settings. Most of the tools will need to be adapted to suit the setting in which they are to be applied. Some may not work in your setting at all.

While the guidebook primarily focuses on physicians, it could be adapted to apply equally to all members of the health care team. Likewise, while it specifically mentions conventions and regulations in Ontario, it could be used, with some amendments, in other jurisdictions.

The authors consider this work to be only a beginning. We will continue to collect information and examples of best practices and to make them available as widely as possible. Further to this aim, we welcome input and examples. Please e-mail us at