Transparency of Physician-Specific Information

What patients need to know about Ontario doctors to make informed decisions

The CPSO is committed to providing easily understandable information about physicians that will help patients make informed choices and enhance our accountability to the public.

We began a multiphase initiative in 2012 to review how the College could make more physician-specific and process information available to the public on our website.

In 2013, we teamed up with a working group of health regulators — the Advisory Group of Regulatory Excellence (AGRE) — from nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy and optometry. Together, we are working on a multi-staged transparency initiative to determine how we can provide more information about Ontario regulated health-care professionals and our decisions and processes that affect their practice.

The first task of AGRE was to develop a set of transparency principles to guide our discussions about making more information publicly available. The college councils of the six AGRE organizations have all approved and endorsed these principles.

At their meeting in May 2015, Council approved new by-laws to post a range of additional information on the public register.  This decision followed an extensive external consultation. The new information that will be posted on the public register includes:

  • Criminal charges – this includes all Criminal Code and Health Insurance Act charges, where known to the College. Information will include the fact and content of the charge; and the place and date of the charge, if known.  This information will be removed when the charge is no longer outstanding.
  • Cautions – a summary of any decision in which a caution is ordered by the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee for investigations commenced on or after January 1, 2015.  A caution is ordered when the Committee has a significant concern about conduct or practice that can have a direct impact on patient care, safety or the public interest if it is not addressed. It will also be noted if the decision has been appealed and, if the decision is overturned, it will be removed.
  • Specified Continuing Education or Remediation Program orders (SCERPs) – if educational or remediation needs for a physician are identified by the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee and a voluntary agreement cannot be reached, a physician may be required to take a specified continuing education or remediation program (SCERP). This might include taking educational courses (e.g., opioid prescribing, medical record-keeping, and communications) or one-on-one instruction with another physician.  There may also be a reassessment component to ensure that remediation has been successful.  This information will be posted for investigations commenced on or after January 1, 2015.
  • Discipline findings in other jurisdictions – where known to the College on or after September 1, 2015, information about the fact of the finding, the date of the finding, and the jurisdiction in which the finding was made will be posted on the public register.
  • Licences in other jurisdictions – the College will post a notation of current medical licences held in other jurisdictions of which the College is aware (as of September 1, 2015).

Measures Taken by the CPSO to Improve Transparency

In August 2012, a multiphase initiative was begun to review the various ways in which the College could provide more useful information to the public, in particular, with respect to physician-specific information and process information that is made available to the public on our website.

Timeline of New Information Added to the CPSO Public Register


  • Medical Records Location
  • Notices of Hearing
  • Hearing Status
  • Reinstatement Decisions
  • Outcome/Status of Out-of-Hospital Premises Inspections


  • Criminal Convictions (as of June 1, 2015)
  • Bail Conditions
  • Illegal Practitioners


  • Criminal Charges
  • Cautions
  • SCERPs (specified continuing education and remediation program)
  • Licences and Discipline Findings – Other Jurisdictions
  • Undertakings

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