Dialogue Magazine

Volume 10, Issue 3, 2014

Marijuana for Medical Purposes – Policy Consultation; MDs’ Relationship with Industry; Best Practices for Infection Control; New Strategy for Data Sharing

Oct 22, 2014

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Marijuana for Medical Purposes – Policy Consultation

Earlier this year, federal regulations gave physicians the responsibility for the decision to authorize patient use of dried marijuana for medical purposes. We have developed a draft policy that we hope provides you with the guidance in carrying out this new responsibility. Let us know what you think.

Relationships with Industry Policy in Effect

Council has approved the Physicians’ Relationships with Industry: Practice, Education and Research policy. The policy sets out expectations for physicians to assist them in understanding and managing their relationships with industry appropriately.

Sharing Our Data

At its meeting, Council approved a strategy that will ensure that we only share data in ways that align with the College’s priorities and mandate, while always fulfilling our privacy and confidentiality obligations.

CPSO Sets its Direction

Council has set the direction for the College over the next three years with its approval of four initiatives that will be a primary area of focus. The initiatives will be used to strengthen our vision of Quality Professionals, Healthy System and Public Trust..