Dialogue Magazine

Volume 10, Issue 4, 2014

The Guardians of Medical Governance; Proposing Changes to Public Register; Reviewing Sexual Abuse Legislation; Consulting on Three Policies

Dec 31, 2014

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Guardians of Medical Governance

In this issue, we thank the many physicians who contribute to professionally-led regulation. Hundreds of Ontario physicians – most with busy medical practices – provide the time to help the College deliver on its mandate of responsible regulation.

Becoming More Transparent

After an external consultation, College Council approved the by-laws to post criminal findings and certain bail conditions on the public register. We now put forward more proposed by-laws related to the Transparency Initiative for your consideration.

Supporting, Protecting Patients

Council unanimously voted to review the sexual abuse provisions in our governing legislation and examine our own processes to determine whether changes need to be made to better support and protect patients.

Making Professionally-led Regulation Come Alive

Dr. Nicole Didyk, a peer assessor from Kitchener, Ont., told attendees at the most recent Future Leaders’ Day how becoming involved in medical regulation made her a better physician.

Meet the New President

Dr. Carol Leet knows she has a very busy year ahead of her - but she is more than up to the job of President. Read our Q and A with the Brampton pediatrician as she talks about her hopes for the coming year.