Dialogue Magazine

Volume 11, Issue 1, 2015

Professional Obligations and Human Rights; Targeting Risky Infection Practices; Marijuana for Medical Purposes; Focusing on Sexual Abuse

Apr 13, 2015

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Professional Obligations and Human Rights

Council has approved a policy which sets out physicians’ existing legal obligations under the Ontario Human Rights Code and the College’s expectation that physicians will respect the fundamental rights of those who seek their services.

Marijuana for Medical Purposes

In light of federal regulations that significantly alter the legislative framework governing patient access to dried marijuana, the College has provided new expectations for physicians.

Opportunities to Better Protect Patients

Council discusses some proposed changes to better protect and support patients who have been sexually abused by physicians.

Regulation of Out-of-Hospital Facilities

The College has developed a submission to Health Quality Ontario’s review of out-of-hospital facilities that puts forward a proposal for a single regulatory framework for oversight.

Transparency – What You Are Saying

We respond to some of the common themes emerging from our consultation on Phase 2 of the Transparency Initiative.