Dialogue Magazine

Volume 11, Issue 4, 2015

A Bigger Educational Impact; Physician-Assisted Death Guidance; The Year Ahead; A Closer Look at Regulation; Transparency Initiative Update; Update on Sexual Abuse Initiative; Appreciation

Dec 31, 2015

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A Bigger Educational Impact

How can we make peer assessments more relevant for practising physicians? Well, that is the question that we put to hundreds of physicians representing the various disciplines.

Physician-Assisted Death Guidance

The College is consulting on a draft document that will serve as interim guidance for the profession, in the absence of a government framework to govern the provision of physician-assisted death.

The Year Ahead

We are pleased to introduce you to Dr. Joel Kirsh, the new President of the College. As you will see in our Q & A with Dr. Kirsh, he is a long-time advocate for public protection.

A Closer Look at Regulation

More than two dozen participants attended our Future Leaders’ Day to find out more about the workings of medical regulation.

Transparency Initiative Update

Council approved the consultation of a by-law that contemplates making public those Specified Continuing Educational or Remediation Programs which are ordered by the Quality Assurance Committee.

Council also considered the principles for use by the Registrar in exercising his discretion to remove information from the public register.

Update on Sexual Abuse Initiative

At its most recent meeting, Council was presented with a progress report on the work that has been undertaken in the College’s initiative to better support and protect patients from physician sexual abuse. Council provided further direction on several issues related to this work.


In this issue, we thank the more than 1200 doctors who participated in professionally-led medical regulation last year. In particular, we highlight how our assessor networks have invigorated this model of regulation.