Dialogue Magazine

Volume 9, Issue 3, 2013

Regulatory bodies in the age of open information; Certification of Death at Home; Preventing the Doorknob Syndrome; MDs Identify Problems with CPSO Proposal

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Oct 06, 2013

Dial cover issue 3 2013Features

Regulatory bodies in the age of open information

The College is launching a conversation with the public and the profession to determine whether we can be more transparent with our decisions and processes. We are beginning the discussion by drafting some principles that we hope strike the right balance between allowing informed choice for the public and fairness to physicians. Read more.

Certifying death at home

While most family physicians sign the medical certificates of death in Ontario, some may feel uncomfortable with this task, uncertain of their responsibilities, or misunderstand the role of the coroner. This seems to be especially so when deaths occur at home. We look at the important role that a physician plays in certifying their patient’s death at home. Read more. Let us know what you think.

Dr. Paul Mulzer, Council Award recipient

We recognize Dr. Paul Mulzer, a Thunder Bay psychiatrist, for his hard work and commitment to the First Nations people. Read more.