Patient Compass

March 2017

Mar 22, 2017

Patient Notebook 

From time to time, patients call us with questions about their medical records. The most common questions are about who owns the medical record — you or your doctor — and whether or not patients are entitled to a copy of their record.

Looking at Bill 87 – The Protecting Patients Act

Bill 87 contains amendments to strengthen the legislative provisions relating to sexual abuse and transparency as well as changes to enhance the complaints, investigation and discipline processes. The Bill also contains significant new ministerial powers via new regulation-making authority.

New CPSO public information video

A new College video, The Anatomy of a Complaint, reviews the College’s complaints process and how we can help when you have a concern about your doctor.

Public Consultation: Uninsured Services - Billing and Block Fees

The College is reviewing our policy concerning physicians’ responsibilities when charging patients for uninsured services. As part of that review, we are conducting a public consultation to get your feedback on our draft, updated policy, Uninsured Services: Billing and Block Fees.

Just so you know: Medical Marijuana update

We’ve updated our Marijuana for Medical Purposes policy to match recent changes made to the federal government’s regulations governing the use of medical marijuana.

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