Looking Forward

Practice Guide image ProfessionalismThis practice guide has been prepared for Ontario physicians and the Ontario public as a way of framing the expectations the medical profession has established for itself. It articulates the values, principles of practice and duties of the profession.

Physicians will always be committed to the fundamental values of compassion, service, altruism, and trustworthiness. These values, and the principles of the profession, will remain constant.

The specific duties that flow from the values/principles, however, may change as the health care environment, and the practice of medicine itself, continues to evolve. This guide has been prepared with the recognition that such evolution is inevitable, and any guidance to the profession must be capable of responding to new issues.

Consequently, the development of this practice guide must be an iterative process. It is only through such an approach that the guide will remain a living document, and continue to be of use to physicians, the public, and other stakeholders in the years to come.

The College always values your feedback on the practice guide and the policies it frames.