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CPSO suspends Dr. Sharif Tadros

Nov 07, 2014

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has suspended the certificate of registration of Dr. Sharif Tadros which means that Dr. Tadros is not allowed to practice medicine effective today. Dr. Tadros was practicing in Burlington and may have been providing services at other locations including Toronto.

Dr. Tadros has been referred for a discipline hearing on allegations of professional misconduct related to sexual abuse of two patients and breach of restrictions on his certificate of registration. Since September 17, 2014, Dr. Tadros has been prohibited from treating or having any professional encounters with female patients.

Today, the Investigations, Complaints and Reports Committee ordered a full suspension of Dr. Tadros’ certificate of registration pending the discipline hearing based on information that Dr. Tadros may have treated female patients in violation of the September 17, 2014 order. None of the allegations have been proven. His hearing is scheduled to begin on May 4, 2015.

If any females have had any professional encounters with Dr. Tadros or received any treatment or procedures from him since September 17, 2014, please contact the College at 416-967-2603.

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