News Release

Our Statement to The Fifth Estate

Jan 21, 2016

CBC news and The Fifth Estate are reporting over the next few days about physician discipline across Canada. One Ontario doctor profiled is Dr. Stanley Dobrowolski. The following statement was provided to The Fifth Estate from College President Dr. Joel Kirsh.

Dr. Stanley Dobrowolski’s conduct was appalling and predatory. He betrayed the fundamental ethics and principles to which all doctors must adhere and brought shame not only to himself, but also to the medical profession. We find his behaviour deplorable and are profoundly disturbed by it. We are greatly saddened that despite the College’s good faith efforts through its investigative, disciplinary and compliance monitoring processes, the outcome from Dr. Dobrowolski’s prior disciplinary proceedings over ten years ago did not ultimately protect patients from further harm. For that, we are truly sorry. We remain deeply concerned about the impact on his patients.

Public protection is our responsibility and we take it seriously. 

The College is committed to investigating and prosecuting sexual abuse complaints vigorously and we provide support to patients throughout the entire complaints and discipline process. We have advocated over many years for victims through the courts and system change.

We are a leading voice for ongoing improvements to our regulatory processes. We launched an initiative in December 2014 to ensure that we are doing all that we can to protect patients from sexual abuse by physicians. No patient should ever be sexually abused by a physician, and our goal is to eradicate sexual abuse of patients in Ontario.

We have looked carefully at what we as an organization can do to enhance our legislative framework and our processes to protect and support patients. We are in the midst of making changes where we have the power to do so. We have also asked for changes to the legislation that will both strengthen penalties for sexual misconduct and enhance our ability to make investigations and prosecutions for sexual misconduct more effective and efficient.

The College is committed to our fundamental duty to serve and protect the public interest.