Certificate of Professional Conduct

A Certificate of Professional Conduct verifies that a doctor is registered, and his or her standing with the College.

Ontario hospitals and other health facilities (institutions) require a Certificate of Professional Conduct to assist them in reviewing a doctor's application for hospital privileges or other employment.

Medical licensing authorities in other jurisdictions also require a Certificate of Professional Conduct when doctors apply for a licence.

To obtain a certificate of professional conduct:

Download and complete the form 

Submit the completed form to the College by mail or fax (not by email) with the $75 fee, payable by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or cheque.


  • Read the request and consent form carefully before signing.
  • Complete the entire form. An incomplete form will be returned.
  • Include fee payment – certificates cannot be issued without payment.

Send completed request form to Membership Services by mail or fax (not by email). If sent by fax, payment must be made by Visa or MasterCard.

Mailing address:

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
80 College Street, Toronto, ON M5G 2E2

Fax: 416-967-2654

Processing Time

Usual processing time from the date we receive a request is approximately five business days. Processing can take longer in some cases.

An unofficial copy of the Certificate of Professional Conduct will be sent to the doctor for his or her records; the official copy is always sent directly to the organization that has requested the certificate.

Information Provided in a Certificate of Professional Conduct

See page 2 of the request form for the information that is provided in a Certificate of Professional Conduct (CPC).

Note that the CPC may include any other information respecting the member of which the College is aware and deemed by the Registrar to be relevant to the receiving hospital, medical school, regulatory authority or other organization.

Such information may include, for example,

  • reference to ongoing complaint investigations
  • active undertakings by the member
  • investigation outcomes
  • third-party information about the member such as reports from hospitals, other regulatory authorities,  etc.
  • findings of professional negligence or malpractice, settlements, and charges or convictions for offences


Please contact our Membership Services staff:
Telephone: 416-967-2673 or Toll Free: 1-800-268-7096 ext. 673 (Canada only)
Email: membership@cpso.on.ca