Council Awards

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The Council Award is presented at each meeting of Council to honour outstanding Ontario doctors who have demonstrated excellence and come closest to meeting society's vision of an "ideal physician".


Nominations for the Council Award are currently closed. Nominations will re-open from May 1, 2023 to September 15, 2023.

Read about our most recent award recipient in eDialogueand view the full list of past award winners.

Selection Criteria

The criteria for selecting a physician for the Council Award are based on the Royal College's CanMEDS framework's seven physician roles, which are identified as the essential qualities needed to practice modern medicine. Details about the selection criteria are outlined below.

Through this award, CPSO honours outstanding Ontario physicians who demonstrated excellence and come closest to meeting society’s vision of an “ideal physician.” Four award recipients are selected each year who reflect the diversity of Ontario physicians, considering aspects such as specialty, practice setting, populations served, and career stage.

The Council Award recognizes physicians whose performance in these roles is outstanding, recognizing that they may demonstrate more extensive expertise in some roles than in others.

1. Medical Expert

The physician applies clinical skills and knowledge of the biomedical sciences to fulfill their scope of practice. The physician collaborates with patients and families for patient-centered care and management. The physician contributes to health care quality and patient safety.

2. Communicator

The physician builds rapport and empathy in all interactions with patients, including families (with the patient’s consent). The physician understands the patient’s perspectives, expectations, and socio-economic issues. The physician uses active listening, patient-centered interviewing skills, and culturally safe communication. The physician shares information in plain language to promote patients’ understanding. The physician clearly documents and shares information with patients and others on the care team.

3. Collaborator

The physician collaborates by sharing knowledge and perspectives, sharing responsibilities, and learning together. The physician collaborates in care, education, advocacy, administration, and scholarship.

4. Leader

The physician takes responsibility for the ongoing operation, evolution, and continuous improvement of the healthcare system. The physician expands beyond a clinical or technical role to take on administrative, teaching, and scholarly roles and responsibilities. The physician exercises efficient use of resources to achieve cost-effective care. The physician contributes to improvements in personal practice, team, organization, and system.

5. Health Advocate

The physician understands and addresses the determinants of health that affect patients and support patients to navigate through the health care system. The physician collaborates with communities and populations to influence change in the health care system. The physician contributes to health promotion and disease prevention. The physician understands determinants and needs, speaks on behalf of others, and increases awareness.

6. Scholar

The physician plans for and engages in life-long learning. The physician teaches others. The physician evaluates and applies evidence to day-to-day practice. The physician contributes to research, including creation, dissemination, and translation into practice.

7. Professional

The physician commits to patients, society, profession and self. The physician commits to patients by maintaining clinical competence and adhering to ethical standards. The physician commits to society by demonstrating social accountability by responding to societal needs and expectations. The physician commits to the profession though peer assessment, mentorship, supporting others, setting standards. The physician commits to themselves by participating in self-assessment and reflection, building self-awareness, and managing their own well-being.