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Meet the Council

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From the President

I am honored to be taking on the role of CPSO President for 2022. While we had all hoped we would be moving to the endemic phase of COVID-19, it seems that new variants of concern are complicating that possibility.

The toll the pandemic has taken on physicians cannot be underestimated. After nearly two years of continuous waves of illness, physicians are exhausted, burnt out, and experiencing extreme moral injury from witnessing the toll that deferred care has taken on patients and families. The backlog of surgical procedures and preventive care can seem overwhelming. Unfortunately, anti-vaccination misinformation and the harassment of health care workers has only compounded this distress.

CPSO electoral district map representing 10 districts
Electoral district map. Click to enlarge.

The CPSO is here to help support physicians, and in doing so, fulfill our mandate to serve the public trust in Ontario’s health care. I am proud of the CPSO’s clear messaging to its membership regarding vaccine and mask exemptions. Our role is to protect the public and that includes protection from misinformation and risk of ignoring public health policies. The CPSO has also significantly reduced physician stress and improved public satisfaction by implementing alternative dispute resolution to quickly resolve low-risk complaints. Right-touch regulation and modernization of processes is evident in all areas of the College.

We plan to release some important policy updates in 2022. The newly revised Virtual Care policy is very timely as there has been exponential growth in this area during the pandemic. We have seen how beneficial virtual care has been during the past two years, but we need to ensure the type of visit is based on what is in the patient’s best interest. The College will also be releasing its new Social Media policy, which will clarify the expectations for physicians who share information using these platforms.

My goal as CPSO President in 2022 is to continue to help guide the medical profession and achieve our vision of “Trusted Doctors Providing Great Care”

Dr. Janet van Vlymen
President — Queen's University

Elected Professional Members

Dr. Madhu Azad (Thunder Bay)
Electoral District 9
Dr. Glen Bandiera (Toronto)
Electoral District 10
Dr. Brenda Copps (Hamilton)
Electoral District 4
Dr. Robert Gratton (London)
Electoral District 2
Dr. Deborah Hellyer (Windsor)
Electoral District 1
Dr. Camille Lemieux (Toronto)
Electoral District 10
Dr. Lionel Marks de Chabris (Sudbury)
Electoral District 8
Dr. Judith Plante (Pembroke)
Electoral District 7
Dr. Ian Preyra (Burlington)
Electoral District 4
Dr. Rupa Patel (Kingston)
Electoral District 6
Dr. Sarah Reid (Ottawa)
Electoral District 7
Dr. Deborah Robertson (Toronto)
Electoral District 10
Dr. Jerry Rosenblum (Waterloo)
Electoral District 3
Dr. Patrick Safieh (Toronto)
Electoral District 10
Dr. Anne Walsh (Newmarket)
Electoral District 5

Public Members

Lucy Becker
Shahid Chaudhry
Jose Cordeiro
Joan Fisk
Murthy Ghandikota
Julia Goyal
Shahab Khan
Paul Malette
Lydia Miljan
Rob Payne
King City
Peter Pielsticker
Linda Robbins
Fred Sherman
Shannon Weber

University Representatives

Dr. Mary Bell
University of Toronto
Dr. Paul Hendry
University of Ottawa
Dr. Roy Kirkpatrick
Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Dr. P. Andrea Lum
Western University
Dr. Karen Saperson
McMaster University