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Meet the Council

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From the President

Dr. Judith PlanteAs I embark on my year as CPSO president, it is clear that we are living in unprecedented times. It goes without saying that COVID-19 has changed things in ways we could have never predicted back in 2019, and this is no more the case than with health care.

CPSO electoral district map representing 10 districts
Electoral district map. Click to enlarge.

But it also goes without saying that Ontario’s medical profession has risen to the occasion. Look how quickly physicians embraced telemedicine to deliver care in the age of social distancing. Look at the extra mile that health-care professionals went in serving their fellow Ontarians during this global tragedy. My goal as president is to ensure that the College’s guidance to doctors and the public continues to be clear, precise, and meaningful. From check-ups conducted online and emergency room interactions to supporting patients in their final hours, medicine is still and will always be about delivering good care. The pandemic hasn’t changed that.

Throughout 2021, the principles of right-touch regulation will continue to apply to all of CPSO’s work. Using the tools of regulation with a force that is balanced with the issue makes so much sense and has clearly struck a chord with both doctors and the public. We will continue help guide the medical profession, be there for patients who need us, and, above all, strengthen Ontario’s trust in the health-care system.

Dr. Judith Plante (Pembroke)
President — Electoral District 7

Elected Professional Members

Dr. Glen Bandiera (Toronto)
Electoral District 10
Dr. Brenda Copps (Hamilton)
Electoral District 4
Dr. Michael Franklyn (Sudbury)
Electoral District 8
Dr. Robert Gratton (London)
Electoral District 2
Dr. Deborah Hellyer (Windsor)
Electoral District 1
Dr. Camille Lemieux (Toronto)
Electoral District 10
Dr. Kashif Pirzada (Brampton)
Electoral District 5
Dr. Ian Preyra (Burlington)
Electoral District 4
Dr. John Rapin (Kingston)
Electoral District 6
Dr. Sarah Reid (Ottawa)
Electoral District 7
Dr. Deborah Robertson (Toronto)
Electoral District 10
Dr. Jerry Rosenblum (Waterloo)
Electoral District 3
Dr. Patrick Safieh (Toronto)
Electoral District 10
Dr. Anne Walsh (Newmarket)
Electoral District 5

Public Members

Lucy Becker
Shahid Chaudhry
Jose Cordeiro
Joan Fisk
Murthy Ghandikota
Pierre Giroux
Julia Goyal
Paul Malette
Lydia Miljan
Rob Payne
King City
Peter Pielsticker
Linda Robbins
Fred Sherman
Shannon Weber

University Representatives

Dr. Mary Bell
University of Toronto
Dr. Paul Hendry
University of Ottawa
Dr. Roy Kirkpatrick
Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Dr. Terri Paul
Western University
Dr. Karen Saperson
McMaster University
Dr. Janet van Vlymen
Vice President — Queen's University