Technical Tips

Annual Renewal Site Security

We have adopted physical and technological processes and procedures to keep your personal information safe and secure during transmission and while stored on our servers:

What Internet browsers and operating systems does the Registration Renewal application support?

The choice of supported browsers was based both on a reflection of current browser and browser version market share, and also what browsers and browser
versions have reliable, predictable support for advanced functionality.

Do I need Cookies enabled?

You will need to have cookies enabled in order to use our website. The cookie contains a unique personal identification code and is used to:

We track the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses or browser type of users who access our website. This is necessary for the operation and security of our

If the browser you're using or a page you're viewing is displaying problems, try to clear the browser's cache. If that doesn't fix the problem, try to clear the browser's cookies.

How do I enable Javascript?

This page (which opens in a new window) explains how to enable Javascript in your browser.