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Consultation Process & Posting Guidelines

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CPSO’s Executive Committee and Council review consultation feedback before making any decisions about what is included in the final version of the policy. All feedback is carefully considered, even that which is not reflected in the final policy. When finalizing the policy content, CPSO will consider the extent to which your suggestions or comments represent the expectations of the profession, and are consistent with our mandate as a medical regulatory body. See About Us for more information on our mandate and role.

Posting guidelines

Names of individuals are not posted with their feedback and reasonable efforts are made to remove personal identifiers prior to posting. CPSO does not review feedback for accuracy or review any references or links in any feedback either for accuracy or with respect to content.

CPSO reserves the right to refuse to post feedback, in whole or in part, that, in its sole discretion, it deems to be unrelated to the policy or issue under consultation; contains complaints and/or compliments about identifiable physicians; contains personal identifiers and/or other information that may identify a third party; is abusive, obscene, harassing/threatening or otherwise inappropriate; may include defamatory or libelous comments; or does not comply with CPSO’s Privacy Code or its Social Media Terms of Use.

CPSO is not responsible for any content of any feedback nor for the loss of any feedback. By posting feedback, you are deemed to have agreed to all aspects of CPSO’s Privacy Code and its Social Media Terms of Use.