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Registering physicians, ensuring competence, protecting patients: Read our 2016 Annual Report and accompanying infographic to learn about the CPSO’s important work in safeguarding public trust in Ontario’s medical profession. From our investigations into concerns over opioid prescribing to our outreach efforts to connect with patients, doctors, and other stakeholders, our new Annual Report outlines the year that was for 2016.



Read about the work accomplished in the past year and the steps we took to protect and empower patients.

Also view our online infographic which details our 2015 year. Want more details about a particular graphic? Just click on the Read More icon to be taken directly to that section of the annual report. 



In the CPSO’s 2014 year, we furthered the emphasis on patient-centred interactions with changes in the Professional Obligations and Human Rights policy; looked for new ways to provide information about physicians and the process of medical regulation to the public; launched a process of reassessing our assessments to provide physicians with new tools and insights to deliver even higher quality care; and continued our joint effort with Cancer Care Ontario to develop a provincial quality management program. In addition, the stats that led to the College’s inclusion in the Office of Fairness Commissioner’s exemplary practice list and trends in investigations are summarized in an infographic, which includes links to the dynamic PDF annual report for further detail.


Take a scroll down memory lane … or at least, throughout the CPSO’s 2013 year. We have decided to tell the story of the College’s work in 2013 using an infographic. As the user scrolls down the page, we reveal such facts as the: significant increase in the amount of feedback received in our consultations - and how a wide array of viewpoints can create a better policy; the transparency of OHPs; the partnership with Cancer Care Ontario; and the number of assessments conducted, and how physicians performed on these assessments.

In each of these sections, we have a Read More link which takes the user to a dynamic PDF annual report. Here, we provide more details about each of the sections.


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View our 2012 Annual Report video

Why is self-regulation the best model for medical governance in Ontario? Watch our new 2012 Annual Report video and see the many reasons why medical self-regulation continues to thrive. 


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Annual Report 2012

Includes Financial Statements of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, December 31, 2012 


Eight minute video featuring interviews with our President, Vice-President, Registrar and a Public Member of Council:

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Or download and read online: Annual Report 2011PDF

Includes financial statements