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College releases 2011 registration results

Registering Success 2011

Jun 01, 2012

Upward trend continues

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June 1, 2012 … A report released today at the Council meeting of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario shows that more licences were issued to physicians in 2011 than ever before. This is the 14th straight year that the number of licences granted has increased.

In total, 3,973 licences were issued by the College, a 7% rise from the previous year.

“This continued growth has been possible because of College policies and programs, government support and the work of other partners. And, since 1997, the number of licences issued to international medical graduates has more than tripled,” said College President Dr. Bob Byrick. Once again, more licences were issued to IMGs than to Ontario graduates, a trend that has continued for the last eight years.

Key factors contributing to the continued rise include the positive effect of new College registration policies; increased enrolment and residency positions at Canadian medical schools; and more Ontario government-funded residency positions reserved for IMGs.

“We are pleased with the progress made and will continue to work with our partners in government, medical education and training, and specialty certification to ensure access to qualified physicians for patients,” said Dr. Byrick.

The College issues postgraduate training certificates to physicians in residency training, and practice certificates to all other candidates. Of the 3,973 certificates issued last year, 1,705 were practice certificates, the highest number ever issued. International medical graduates received 39% or 671 of those licences.

Full report, Registering Success 2011, available here

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