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Appeals Process

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First Level of Appeal

The Registrar will provide the applicant written notice that his or her application is being referred to the Registration Committee. The applicant is then given thirty days to make additional written submissions in support of their application. The Registration Committee, after consideration of an application, will issue a written decision.

Second Level of Appeal

An applicant who is dissatisfied with the Registration Committee's decision may appeal the decision to the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (HPARB). The HPARB is a government-funded independent body constituted by members of the public who are not health care professionals. The appeal may be for either a review or a hearing before the HPARB. An HPARB review reconsiders the documents initially reviewed and the decision made by the Registration Committee. No personal appearance or representation is made at a review. A hearing is a quasi-judicial process that permits the parties (the physician who has appealed and representative(s) of the Registration Committee) to attend and make submissions before an HPARB panel.

Note: In the event of an appeal to the Health Professions and Appeal Board, the applicant will receive a complete copy of the record that is before the Registration Committee.