The Discipline Committee hears matters of professional misconduct or incompetence.

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    The Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee, after conducting an investigation, refer allegations to the Discipline Committee. A discipline panel is comprised of at least three members – two must be public members and one must be a physician member of Council. Panels are usually made up of four or five members.

    If the panel finds that the physician has committed an act of professional misconduct or is incompetent, it can make an Order directing the Registrar to:

    • revoke the physician’s certificate of registration
    • suspend the physician’s certificate, and/or
    • impose specified terms, conditions or limitations on the physician’s certificate.

    If the panel finds the physician has committed an act of professional misconduct, it can also make an Order:

    • requiring the physician to appear before the panel to be reprimanded
    • requiring the physician to pay a fine of not more than $35,000 to the Minister of Finance, and
    • if the act of professional misconduct was the sexual abuse of a patient, requiring the physician to reimburse the College for funding provided for the patient for counselling and therapy, and requiring the physician to post security to guarantee payment.

    If the panel finds the physician has committed an act of professional misconduct by sexually abusing a patient, the panel must:

    • reprimand the physician, and
    • revoke the physician’s certificate if the sexual abuse consisted of or included certain acts.

    In an appropriate case, the panel may also require the physician to pay all or part of the legal, investigation and hearing costs and expenses. The Discipline Commitee also hears applications for reinstatement and motions to vary prior orders of the Committee. 

    Rules of Procedure of the Discipline Committee


    Practice Direction: Request for Adjournment of Discipline Hearings


    Practice Direction: Case Management



The Education Committee reviews and makes recommendations to Council on matters of medical education in the province.

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    The Committee is responsible for:

    • reviewing the undergraduate studies at faculties of medicine in Ontario and encouraging curriculum enhancement
    • monitoring and sustaining the level and quality of Ontario postgraduate programs of medical education, and
    • reviewing the Ontario continuing medical education programs.

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The mandate of the Executive Committee, as defined in the legislation, is to serve as the decision-making body of the College in between regular meetings of Council, and to report on these actions to the Council at subsequent Council meetings.

Finance and Audit

The Finance and Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing the financial affairs of the College and reporting directly to Council. It reviews such matters as investment policy, control of assets, the auditor's report and the College's overall financial position. In order to fulfil its duty, the committee will occasionally review:

  • the expenditures of the College in relation to the budget;
  • the performance and administration of the College’s pension plans;
  • the investment strategies and performance of the College’s non-pension investments; and
  • the security of the College’s assets generally.

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Fitness To Practise

The Fitness to Practise Committee conducts hearings of allegations concerning a physician's capacity to practise medicine that are referred by an incapacity inquiry panel of the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee.


The Governance Committee has two main tasks – implementing governance policy recommendations and fulfilling the functions of the former Nominations Committee.

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    The Committee’s responsibilities include monitoring the governance process adopted by Council, and reporting annually to Council on the extent to which the governance process is being followed.

    The Governance Committee also recommends to Council potential changes to the governance process, and oversees the nominations process.

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Inquiries, Complaints and Reports

The Inquiries, Complaints and Reports (ICR) Committee oversees all investigations into physicians' care and conduct, including public complaints investigations, Registrar's investigations, and inquiries into a physician's capacity to practise.

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    The ICR Committee may be called upon to provide investigative direction to staff, and is required to dispose of investigations with a decision. Examples of decisions of the ICR Committee may include:

    • requiring the doctor to appear before a panel of the ICR Committee to be cautioned;
    • referring allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence to the Discipline Committee;
    • referring potential incapacity concerns to the Fitness to Practise Committee;
    • requiring a physician to complete specified education or remediation program; or
    • taking any other action the Committee feels is appropriate and which is consistent with the relevant legislation.

    A quorum of the ICR Committee consists of three members, including at least one public member of Council.

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The Outreach Committee works with the Policy and Communications department to deliver outreach initiatives to:

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    • help develop major communications and outreach initiatives to the profession and the public
    • assist in the development of major communications and government relations activities, and
    • develop plans to deliver on the communications and outreach-related components of the College’s strategic plan.

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Patient Relations

The Patient Relations Committee oversees a program that includes measures for preventing or dealing with sexual abuse of patients by physicians.

Premises Inspection

The Premises Inspection Committee is responsible for administering and governing the Collge's premises inspection program. The duties of the Committee are set out in the College's General By-law, and include:

  • ensuring appropriate individuals are appointed to perform inspections and re-inspections;
  • ensuring adequate inspections and reinspections are undertaken and completed;
  • reviewing premises inspection reports and other material and determining whether premises pass, pass with conditions or fail an inspection.

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Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Committee develops, establishes and maintains programs and standards of practice to assure the quality of practice of the profession and standards of knowledge and skill, and programs to promote continuing competence among physicians.

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The Registration Committee reviews the applications of physicians who wish to become members of the College, but who do not fulfill the requirements for the issuance of a certificate of registration.

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    After considering an application, the Registration Committee may make an Order directing the Registrar to issue a certificate of registration; to issue a certificate of registration with terms, conditions and limitations; or to refuse to issue a certificate of registration.

    Orders of the Registration Committee may be appealed to the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board, and an Order of the Board may be appealed further to the Divisional Court of Ontario.

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