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eDialogue, CPSO’s quarterly digital magazine

January 2020 marked the first edition of eDialogue (cpsodialogue.ca), the fully digital version of our long-running print magazine. It’s mobile-friendly, and includes articles and Practice Profiles related to health regulation, policies, health trends and practice improvement. To assist readers, articles indicate the anticipated time it will take to read, as well as hyperlinks and additional content to enrich your experience and allow you to delve deeper into a subject. Sharing articles is also easier than ever before with buttons to share eDialogue content via social media or email. eDialogue magazine is also searchable, which will make it easier to find and access information, with print magazine content dating back to 2018 also available. New content is added quarterly. Please note eDialogue is not supported by Internet Explorer, so please use an alternate browser.

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"In Dialogue," CPSO’s Podcast

In 2022, the College launched a monthly podcast series where we speak to health system experts on issues related to medical regulation, the delivery of quality care, physician wellness, and initiatives to address bias and discrimination in health care. Episodes are available on eDialogue, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud and Amazon Music | Podcasts.

CPSO members may also be eligible to earn CPD credits for listening to "In Dialogue."