Quality Improvement Program

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We are hosting two upcoming webinars on our Quality Improvement Program:

  • February 28th from noon to 1 p.m. This webinar features special guests from the Evidence2Practice Ontario Program. Register today.
  • March 10th from noon to 1 p.m. This webinar will focus on embedding equity, diversity and inclusion concepts into Quality Improvement work. Register today.

CPSO’s suite of Quality Improvement programs are built to ensure Ontario’s physicians are engaging in self-reflection, self-improvement and meeting their quality requirements in five-year cycles.  

These programs take a strategic, data-driven approach to how we assess physicians and ensure they’re delivering the best possible care to Ontario patients. This process will connect with more physicians, more regularly, so we can create the conditions most favourable to ensuring their success at all stages of their career. 

Depending on individual circumstance physicians may complete their requirements entirely online as an individual, in collaboration with the CPSO and their hospital or as part of a group practice. 


Quality Improvement Webinar Recording

Medical Advisors Drs. Mary Manno and Ted Everson took Ontario physicians through our Quality Improvement Program, hosting a detailed Q&A at the webinar's end. Watch the video recording. Family physician Tara Kiran also joins the talk to present new Quality Improvement opportunities for physicians at the University of Toronto. If you'd like to catch up with past webinars, you can find the recordings online.