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Annual Report

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Open 2023 Report

annual-report-2023-cover.jpgCPSO’s 2023 Annual Report is live. We encourage you to read the full report to learn more about our accomplishments in 2023 and our path forward for 2024. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

Addendum: Financial statements approved by the Board of Directors at its May 2024 meeting.

Annual Report Archives

  • 2022-annual-report-cover.jpgThe health care system continued to experience unprecedented challenges in 2022. But we also found reason for optimism. Our Annual Report highlights the initiatives undertaken to improve how we regulate the practice of medicine in Ontario. We are pleased with the work done in 2022. While much of it was challenging, all of it was important.

    Addendum: Financial statements approved by Council at its June 2023 meeting.
  • The pandemic has been challenging for all Canadians and divided our society in unprecedented ways. With vaccine hesitancy and misinformation playing a role throughout, CPSO’s vision of “Trusted Doctors Providing Great Care” was put to the ultimate test. In spite of these challenges, 2021 was a year in which much was accomplished — achievements captured in our Annual Report — as we maintained our commitment to continue to collaborate with Ontario physicians, health partners and government to ensure physicians can deliver the best possible care.

    Addendum: Financial statements approved by Council at its June 2022 meeting.

  • 2020 Annual Report coverIt goes without saying that 2020 is a year we’ll never forget. The COVID-19 pandemic completely changed, challenged, and, in some cases, overwhelmed health systems across the world. The pandemic touches many aspects of our Annual Report this year. While we have once again framed it around our strategic priorities as an organization, this document is, in many ways, an account of how CPSO has contributed to the fight against COVID-19.

    Addendum: Financial statements approved by Council at its June 2021 meeting.

  • 2019 Annual Report coverIn 2019, right-touch regulation informed and improved every aspect of the CPSO’s regulation, including registration, investigations, quality improvement and policy development. Read more in our 2019 Annual Report.

  • Read about our year of big changes! The past year was an extraordinary time of re-invention for the College, as we evaluated some of our long-held approaches and found newer, modern ways to ensure quality care for the public. Throughout the 2018 report, we show how our adoption of right-touch regulation framework informed — and improved — different aspects of medical regulation, including our investigation, quality assurance and policy development processes.

  • Who registered for licences in 2017? How are we making peer assessments more meaningful? What efforts were made to ensure our policies remain relevant and reflect current practices? Answers to these questions and more can be found in the 2017 Annual Report and the accompanying infographic. From the work undertaken to ensure appropriate opioid prescribing, to a successful court defence of patients’ rights to access care, to the three C’s covered in our complaints process, the report also outlines the work the CPSO completed in 2017 to protect and serve the public interest.

  • Registering physicians, ensuring competence, protecting patients: Read our 2016 Annual Report and accompanying infographic to learn about the CPSO’s important work in safeguarding public trust in Ontario’s medical profession. From our investigations into concerns over opioid prescribing to our outreach efforts to connect with patients, doctors, and other stakeholders, our new Annual Report outlines the year that was for 2016.
  • Read about the work accomplished in the past year and the steps we took to protect and empower patients.

    Also view our online infographic which details our 2015 year. Want more details about a particular graphic? Just click on the Read More icon to be taken directly to that section of the annual report.

  • In the CPSO’s 2014 year, we furthered the emphasis on patient-centred interactions with changes in the Professional Obligations and Human Rights policy; looked for new ways to provide information about physicians and the process of medical regulation to the public; launched a process of reassessing our assessments to provide physicians with new tools and insights to deliver even higher quality care; and continued our joint effort with Cancer Care Ontario to develop a provincial quality management program. In addition, the stats that led to the College’s inclusion in the Office of Fairness Commissioner’s exemplary practice list and trends in investigations are summarized in an infographic, which includes links to the dynamic PDF annual report for further detail.