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Dr. Nancy Whitmore, Registrar/CEO of the CPSOWelcome to the CPSO website!

As a physician who has been working in health care leadership for over a decade, it is an honour and a privilege to be leading the charge as we serve in the public interest.

I joined the CPSO in May 2018 and we have made some excellent progress since then. We have improved our complaints process by reducing our time to contact complainants from 20.8 business days to two business days; we have introduced Alternative Dispute Resolution; and we are working closely with the physician community and other health care partners as we integrate a ‘right-touch’ approach to our regulatory processes.

I commit to keeping you all informed as we continue our journey. One of the ways I will do that is via our new and improved website! Our website launched early April and we sincerely hope you like it. It is fully responsive, completely accessible and designed for a more engaging user experience. We are grateful for any feedback you might have regarding our new website.

Warmest regards,
Dr. Nancy Whitmore
Registrar & CEO

Douglas Anderson
Corporate Services Officer
Eben Engelbrecht
Director, IT
Susan Klejman
Director, Information Management and Business Analytics
Bruce Miyashita
Lean Sensei
Nathalie Novak
Chief Operating Officer
Laurie Reid
Director, Investigations and Accreditation
Carolyn Silver
Chief Legal Officer
Samantha Tulipano
Director, Registration and Membership
David Wright
Chair, Ontario Physicians and Surgeons Discipline Tribunal