Nathalie Novak

Chief Operating Officer

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Nathalie Novak is an accomplished Senior Transformation Leader and enabler of change. With a vision focused on customer/client and stakeholder experience, she has been streamlining operations in professional regulation and finance for the last 20 years.

As Chief Operating Officer, Nathalie builds consensus and translates strategic and corporate business objectives into tactical targets, projects and creative solutions. She has a unique ability to identify opportunities for technology, change and Lean Process in support of business strategy, improving performance while mobilizing large teams to achieve aggressive targets. Nathalie’s successful track record at Coca Cola, IBM, Desjardins, Investview Financial and CGA made her a natural fit as the Chief Operating Officer at CPSO, overseeing Continuous Improvement, IT, Information Management and Business Analytics, HR, Finance, Registration, Quality, Investigations & Resolutions, and Governance for the CPSO.