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College Performance Measurement Framework

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In 2020, the Ministry of Health established a new annual reporting requirement for all health regulatory colleges. The College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF) enables us to measure and report, in a standardized manner, how we are acting in the public interest.

The CPMF covers a wide variety of topics, like how colleges:

  • perform as an organization;
  • register applicants;
  • measure practice improvement of regulated health professionals; and
  • process complaints about their registrants.

This CPMF provides information about how colleges work with external stakeholders, such as other regulatory colleges, educational programs and the broader healthcare system to serve in the public interest.

Colleges will complete this report annually, noting any progress on areas identified for improvement or adding new or updated information required by the Ministry of Health. These reports are one of the ways colleges demonstrate their commitment to the public interest for the people of Ontario.