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QI Partnership for Hospitals

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CPSO’s Quality Improvement (QI) Partnership program is a single quality oversight program that offers hospital-based physicians the opportunity to complete their QI requirements more efficiently.

More than 45 hospitals across Ontario have already joined the Partnership, which is available to large and community-based hospitals.

Benefits of participating in the QI Partnership program:

  • Physicians practicing at partnered institutions will complete their mandated QI requirements for five years, while completing their hospital QI requirements at the same time (hospital-based physicians who are not part of QI Partnerships will be required to complete CPSO’s more intensive QI for Individuals program once every five years or undergo a College assessment).
  • Because hospital-based physicians typically have more oversight in their work, partnership-based physicians will only be required to complete two online activities (Practice Profile and Self-Guided Chart Review) to meet their CPSO requirements, spending on average two hours to complete (QI for Individuals takes an average 12 hours).
  • Participating in the Partnership program reduces redundancies and saves time by participating in one unified QI program, while also being eligible to earn CPD credits.
  • CPSO provides physicians practicing at partnered institutions with access to our online tools designed to promote evidence-based self-reflection, peer support and self-improvement.
  • The Partnership’s quality improvement increases value to a physician’s hospital-based practice.

If you believe your organization would benefit from our QI Partnership, read more in our introductory package, review the proposal form and do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] to speak with a medical advisor about the program.

Hospital’s are able to start cooperating with us by submitting a brief proposal form focused on hospital-based quality improvement initiatives.   

Quality Improvement Webinar — October 18, 2022: QI Partnership