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Meet the Council

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From the President

Dr. Peeter Poldre, Council presidentI consider it a tremendous honour to be the president of the CPSO at this time of immense change. In fact, over the seven years I have sat on this organization’s governing Council, I have never seen such a dramatic shift in how we regulate Ontario’s physicians.

One of the biggest changes we are working on is to modernize our governance structure, aiming to create a smaller, more nimble, competency-based Council. This includes a plan to see an equal number of public and physician members.

CPSO electoral district map representing 10 districts
Electoral district map. Click to enlarge.

We’re also launching a new strategic plan after consulting widely with doctors, members of the public and our health care partners – an initiative that included an online survey that garnered some 5,000 responses. This response rate is a clear indication that we’ve moved into a new era of enhanced patient and physician engagement.

‘The only constant in health care is change’ may be a cliché, but as CPSO president I also see it as a credo. I believe that, as Canada’s largest medical regulator, we have a responsibility to not only embrace change, but to lead it.

Dr. Peeter Poldre (Toronto)
President — Electoral District 10

Elected Professional Members

Dr. Brenda Copps (Hamilton)
Vice President — Electoral District 4
Dr. Philip Berger (Toronto)
Electoral District 10
Dr. Michael Franklyn (Sudbury)
Electoral District 8
Dr. Robert Gratton (London)
Electoral District 2
Dr. Deborah Hellyer (Windsor)
Electoral District 1
Dr. Haidar Mahmoud (Toronto)
Electoral District 10
Dr. Judith Plante (Pembroke)
Electoral District 7
Dr. John Rapin (Kingston)
Electoral District 6
Dr. Sarah Reid (Ottawa)
Electoral District 7
Dr. Jerry Rosenblum (Waterloo)
Electoral District 3
Dr. David Rouselle (Newmarket)
Electoral District 5
Dr. Patrick Safieh (Toronto)
Electoral District 10
Dr. Elizabeth Samson (Oshawa)
Electoral District 5
Dr. Andrew Turner (Thunder Bay)
Electoral District 9
Dr. Scott Wooder (Stoney Creek)
Electoral District 4

Public Members

Hilary Alexander, Toronto
Shahid Chaudhry, Whitby
Harry Erlichman, Toronto
Joan Fisk, Cambridge
Pierre Giroux, Toronto
Mehdi Kanji, Richmond Hill
Catherine Kerr, Stevensville
John Langs, Toronto
Paul Malette, Toronto
Ellen Mary Mills, Toronto
Judy Mintz, Toronto
Peter Pielsticker, Brampton
Joan Powell, Thunder Bay
Geraldine Sparrow, Toronto
Christine Tebbutt, Mississauga

University Representatives

Dr. Akbar Panju
McMaster University
Dr. Mary Bell
University of Toronto
Dr. Paul Hendry
University of Ottawa
Dr. Terri Paul
Western University
Dr. Robert Smith
Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Dr. Janet van Vlymen
Queen's University