Applying for Registration

The College’s Applications and Credentials Department handles all inquiries regarding the registration process.

Applications that do not meet the requirements for registration set out in the registration regulation are referred for review by the Registration Committee.

Applications are assessed by staff who authorize the issuance of a certificate of registration to eligible candidates provided that all credentialing and fee requirements are met. 

  • Credentialing of Applications

    All applications for registration must undergo a credentials check by the College. Credentialing provides verification of applicants' identity, qualifications and standing. It confirms that registration requirements have been fully met and assures trust in the reliability and integrity of the College's registration process.

    Primary-source verification of qualifications and documents is a fundamental part of credentialing. All qualifications and documents submitted by applicants must be verified by the source organization. To carry out primary-source verification, the College relies on the completion of official forms and certificates issued by the source organization and sent directly to the College. The College also relies on the services of at the Medical Council of Canada for verification of applicants' medical degree and other basic credentials.

    In exceptional cases where war, civil disruption or natural disaster in an applicant's home country renders primary- source verification impracticable, the College may, on an individual basis, defer the primary-source verification or substitute other steps in place of primary-source verification of the qualification or document in question.

    In order to be registered by the College, all applicants must demonstrate that their past and present conduct indicates that they will practise medicine with mental, moral and medical competence; and that they have effective communication skills and an appropriate professional attitude. (Section 2(1) of the Registration regulation.)

    This clause is non-exemptible and if evidence suggests that the applicant cannot comply with this section, the Registration Committee must refuse an application.

    Questions of "good conduct" raised during the application process are referred by the Registration Department to the Registration Committee for consideration. Examples of such referrals include cases of substance abuse, mental illness and personal misconduct.

  • False or Misleading Representations

    Section 2(4) of the regulation stipulates that an applicant who makes any false or misleading representation or declaration on or in connection with an application, by commission or omission, shall be deemed thereafter not to have, and not to have had, the standards and qualifications for a certificate of any class. Accordingly, if an applicant knowingly lies, then he/she may lose his/her certificate of registration. In addition, a fine of $10,000 is provided for under the Health Professions Procedural Code (subsection 92(1) and (2)) for knowingly making false representation or knowingly assisting a person to do so.

  • Practice Limitation

    Ontario does not have a "defined" certificate of registration, which would circumscribe a person's right to practise into areas similar to a hospital's procedures list. However, physicians are required to limit their practices to those areas where they are suitably "educated or experienced" (Section 2(5) of the Registration regulation).

  • Applicants' Access to Registration Application Documents

    Applicants for registration with the College may access documents relevant to their application for registration, in accordance with the procedures and restrictions set out in this policy.

    How to Access Copies of your Application Documents

    • Send written request to Inquiries, Applications and Credentials Department, with payment of applicable fee.
    • Specify the particular documents you wish to be copied from your application file.
    • Allow 10 to 15 business days for processing your request.

    Copying Fee

    • $10.00 fee applies to every request of ten pages or less.
    • $1.00 per page for requests exceeding ten pages.
    • Payment of fee must be submitted with your request.
    • For credit card payment, use the College's form: available here
    • Payment may also be made by cheque, money order or bank draft.
    • Copies will be stamped "copy" and sent to you by regular mail. For faster delivery by "Xpress Canada Post" include additional payment of $10.00 with your request.


    The provision of documents is subject to the following conditions and qualifications:

    • Requests for documents must be made by the applicant directly, and access will be provided only to the applicant (or legally authorized representative). The College will not fulfill requests made by third parties.
    • The Registrar retains the discretion to refuse to give an applicant anything that may, in the Registrar's opinion, jeopardize the safety of any person.
    • The College does not waive privilege over documents contained in a member’s registration file. The College will not disclose documents which are subject to any privilege recognized in law.
    • The College will not provide access to documents if prohibited by law or by order of a court or tribunal.
    • Documents or information destroyed or deleted in accordance with the College’s record retention policies cannot be provided. The College has long-term retention only of the primary documents from registration applications, such retention being 50 years following expiry of the member’s registration.
    • The College reserves the right to limit the quantity of copies provided.

    Members' Access: Current and past members of the College seeking access to their registration application documents should contact Membership Services.


    • Where originals of documents are specifically required for the purpose of registration, the College will retain the originals but will provide copies on applicant's request.
    • Where originals of documents are submitted for requirements where copies are acceptable, the College will return the originals to the applicant.
    • The College reserves the right to limit the quantity of copies provided.


    Please contact our Inquiries staff at:

    Telephone: 416-967-2617 or Toll Free: 1-800-268-7096 ext. 221 (Ontario only)
    Fax: 416-967-2623

    November 2018

Registration Service Pledge

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College Registration Fees

When applying for a certificate of registration, applicants are required to pay both an Application Fee and Membership Fee as part of the regular requirements for registration.

Criminal Record Screening policy

This policy clarifies the College's responsibility, as part of its fiduciary duties to the public, to conduct criminal record screening of Ontario physicians and applicants for certificates of registration to practice medicine in Ontario in order to enhance the safety of the health care environment.

Accessibility Policy

The College is committed to making all services and programs available and accessible to people with disabilities in a way that respects their dignity and independence.