Online Notification Form

Physicians who perform certain procedures in out-of-hospital premises are required to provide written notice to the College as outlined in Regulation. While you may have indicated that you are performing procedures in out-of-hospital premises on the annual renewal form, this does not fulfill your obligation to provide notification to the College. You must complete the online notification form to meet these requirements.

Completing the online form

Note: Please log into the members portal to access the related OHPIP notification forms.

  • Review the form before you begin to ensure that you understand the questions and have gathered the required information.
  • Be prepared to provide full information for each premises where you currently perform, or are intending to perform procedures.
  • When you have completed the form, press Submit.
  • You will be prompted to print out the completed form for your records.
  • An invoice for the affiliation fee of $75 will be mailed to you, and is due upon receipt. If you complete more than one notification form on the same day, you will only pay a single $75 affiliation fee.

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