Application for Renewal of Postgraduate Education Certificate of Registration

The information in this section is for postgraduate trainees holding a Postgraduate Education (PGE) certificate from the College. Members holding an Independent Practice or other class of certificate please refer to the Annual Renewal.

2019 Application for Renewal Requirements

Your PGE certificate issued by the College carries an expiry date. The expiry date accords with the end date of your current postgraduate training appointment at your medical school.

If your training appointment is renewed by your medical school, you must apply to renew your PGE certificate before you begin your new appointment.

Application for renewal of your PGE certificate of registration must be completed online through the College’s website. The 2019 application for renewal involves completing a series of mandatory questions relating to adverse actions, offences, findings and personal health as part of your application for renewal of your certificate of registration.

The following are application requirements for renewal of your PGE certificate of registration:

  • Letter of Appointment signed by the trainee and submitted to the College by the medical school.
  • Completion of online application form for renewal.
  • Payment of the College’s annual membership fee.
  • Valid work permit for trainees who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  • Statement of Objectives for trainees entering a clinical fellowship.

If you have not renewed your PGE certificate by the expiry date, your certificate will expire on that date and you must cease all medical practice and training in Ontario. You may resume your training only when your PGE certificate has been renewed.

Basic Steps of Application for PGE Renewal

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Trainee is re-appointed to training program

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Trainee submits signed electronic Letter of Appointment (eLOA) to medical school

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Medical school uploads eLOA to CPSO secure portal


Number 4 iconCPSO mails paper notice to trainee enclosing fee and application requirements for renewal of PGE certificate. Notice will provide trainee with deadline to complete requirements. Please adhere to deadline to ensure timely renewal of your certificate

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Trainee completes online application questions and submits online payment

Number 6 iconCPSO reviews application. If all requirements are met, CPSO renews PGE certificate, notifies trainee and medical school and mails renewed PGE certificate to trainee.

Application for PGE Renewal Status Check

You can check the status of your application for PGE renewal on the College’s website. Go to your listing in our Public Register and check your registration expiry date. If the expiry date has not been extended to cover your new training appointment, your certificate has not been renewed.

PGE Renewal Fee

Note that the membership fee is a fixed annual fee that applies to all PGE certificate renewals. It cannot be reduced or pro-rated regardless of whether the renewal is for a training appointment that is less than one year.

The membership fee cannot be refunded once the certificate has been renewed and training has started.

Final-Year Residents Starting Independent Practice

If your training is ending and you intend to start independent practice, you need to apply for an Independent Practice certificate.

Download the “Final-Year Resident” application and submit the completed form by the due date.

If you are continuing in subspecialty training but want to apply for an Independent Practice certificate, complete “Final-Year Resident” application as above.

Note that if your IP certificate is not issued in time for your training appointment, you must either renew your PGE certificate or postpone your appointment starting date.


Contact our PGE Renewals staff in the Membership & Corporations Department:

Telephone: 416-967 2673
Toll-free: 1-800-268-7096, ext. 673