Frequently Asked Questions for Incorporation

General questions about all applications

Question: Does the College provide any legal, accounting or other advice for corporations about ancillary activities or investments, acquisitions or the use of surplus funds?

Answer: No. The College does not provide legal or accounting advice. For advice on any matters beyond incorporation application requirements, the College recommends corporations consult a lawyer or accountant.

Question: Where can I find the application forms to apply for a new certificate or renewal and existing certificate of authorization?

Answer: Applications forms are available from our website at Incorporation Issuance and Renewal. Scroll down the page to find the form you need.

Question: How long will it take to issue my certificate of authorization?

Answer: If all application requirements have been met, the processing time for both new and renewal certificates of authorization is approximately two to three weeks. Please note that during the renewal process, the certificate of authorization presently held by the corporation remains valid.

Question: Will the College back-date a certificate of authorization?

Answer: No. The regulations do not permit the College to back-date certificates of authorization. The effective date of the certificate will be the date a completed application is received by the Corporations Unit.

Question: Are the names of family shareholders public information on the College’s website?

Answer: No. The College does not provide the names of family shareholders on its website. The exception here is family members who are also physicians. By law, only physician member shareholders are listed on the College’s website.

Question: My corporation has more than one physician shareholder. Do I have to provide this information in the application?

Answer: Yes. All physician shareholders of the corporation must be listed under the section titled “Physician Shareholders”. This includes any family members who are also physicians. They must be included in this section even if they do not hold voting shares.

Question: I have misplaced my certificate of authorization. How can I obtain a duplicate certificate and is there a charge?

Answer: The cost for a replacement certificate of authorization is $10. To request a replacement, send your signed, written request to the Corporations Unit by fax: 416-967-2659 or email: Be sure to quote your College-assigned I.D. number or registration number and explain briefly why you need a replacement. Be sure to enclose payment of fee. Payment must be received before a duplicate certificate of authorization will be issued. Payment can be made by cheque or credit card. The certificate will be mailed to your registered office address, usually within two weeks from the date we receive your request.

Questions about new applications

Question: What is the acceptable naming convention for an Ontario medicine professional corporation?

Answer: The name of a medicine professional corporation must strictly adhere to the required format and contain no additional words or characters. It must include the physician’s surname as it appears on the College’s register. It may also include given names or initials. If there is more than one physician member, it need only contain at least one of the names of the physician members. It must also include the words “Medicine Professional Corporation” or the French version, “Medecine Societe Professionnelle.”

Example: Smith Medicine Professional Corporation OR John (or J.) Smith Medicine Professional Corporation

Question: What form of payment is acceptable for an application for a new certificate of authorization?

Answer: The application fee for a new certificate of authorization is $400. Payment of the fee is non-refundable and must be paid by credit card, cheque, money order or bank draft. Cheques should be made payable to The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

Question: Do I need to submit a certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation?

Answer: No. The regulations only require a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation.

Question: Is a copy of the Articles of Incorporation required for a new application?

Answer: No. The regulations only require a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation. 

Question: : I have amended the articles since incorporation. Do I need to provide this with my new application package?

Answer: Yes. The regulations require a copy of the Certificate of Amendment. It does not have to be a certified copy.

Question: What do I list under "practice address" if I do locums or have many practice addresses?

Answer: At least one practice address of the corporation should correspond with one of the physician’s practice addresses on the College’s register. If you have changed your practice address please notify the College, using the online change of address form or by email to

Questions about renewal applications

Question: How much is the renewal application fee?

Answer: The renewal fee is $175. Payment may be made by credit card, personal cheque or money order. Note: a non-certified personal cheque is acceptable.

Question: What is the renewal date of my certificate of authorization?

Answer: The renewal date is the anniversary of the certificate’s date of issue. The actual date can be located on our website. Find your corporation under the Doctor Search feature of the website and all information about your corporation is listed, including the renewal date of your certificate of authorization.

Question: Why must I complete a renewal application each year?

Answer: The regulations governing issuance and renewal of certificates of authorization are not the College’s regulations but rather regulations of the Ministry of Health, and they apply equally to all the health professions in Ontario. The general requirement for annual renewal is written into these regulations as a fixed component, like the individual requirements, such as the application form and statutory declaration.

The College asks applicants to complete only what is required by the Ministry’s regulations and nothing more. The College has been corresponding with the Ministry about various aspects of the regulations, as have other Colleges and organizations. If in the future the regulations are amended, the College will ensure that all medicine corporations are appropriately notified.

Question: What is meant by “a copy of every certificate endorsed under the Business Incorporations Act”?

Answer: If changes, such as a name change, have been made to the corporation since incorporation or the last renewal and articles of amendment were filed with the Ministry, then a copy of the articles of amendment must be submitted with the renewal application. For renewal applications, do not submit the original articles of incorporation copies or originals of certificate of authorization originally sent by the College.

Question: The renewal application requires my College-assigned I.D. number. Where can I find this?

Answer: The College-assigned I.D. number appears on the renewal letter or on the bottom left corner your certificate of authorization. If you do not have this number, simply provide your CPSO registration number in the renewal application form.

Question: The renewal date of my certificate has passed. What should I do?

Answer: Submit your renewal application with your payment immediately. If the Corporations Unit has not received a renewal application by the renewal date, it will issue a notice of proposal to revoke, which gives the corporation 60 days to submit a completed renewal application. If the renewal application is not received or is incomplete by the imposed revocation date, the certificate of authorization will be revoked. No further extensions will be provided.

Questions about shareholders and changes to shareholders

See: Duty to Notify College of Change in Shareholders

Question: Does the College accept step-children, step-parents and common-law spouses as family member shareholders?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Does the College accept parents-in-law as family member shareholders?

Answer: No.

Question: Must I notify the College if I have added or removed family member shareholders from the corporation?

Answer: No. The corporation is not required to advise the College of changes made to family members unless the family member is also a physician member of the College.

Question: Must I notify the College if I have added or removed physician member shareholders from the corporation?

Answer: Yes. Under the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA), corporations are required to notify the Registrar of each change in physician member shareholders. Further, the RHPA requires that notice of shareholder change be provided within 15 days of the change in the College’s approved form determined under the College’s by-law. Changes to physician member shareholders will only be accepted on the Notice of Shareholder Change form.

Question: I forgot to notify the College of changes to physician member shareholders within 15 days. What should I do now?

Answer: Complete and submit a Notice of Shareholder Change form immediately, and include a brief explanation of the reason why it wasn’t submitted within 15 days.

Questions about registered office and practice address

Question: Is my registered office address public information?

Answer: No. Only the corporation practice address is made available on the College’s public register.

Question: How do I notify the College of changes to my registered office or practice address?

Answer: Notify the Corporations Unit of your change of address by completing and printing out the Corporation change of address form and sending it by fax: 416-967-2659 or email:

Questions about declaration and corporation profile report

Question: Does the Corporation Profile Report need to be certified?

Answer: No. The corporation profile report does not need to be certified.

Question: My Corporation Profile Report has expired. Where can I get a new one?

Answer: You may obtain a newly issued corporation profile report from the following service providers of the Ministry of Government Services:

Cyberbahn & Marque D'Or


ESC Corporate Services

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