Magnetic Resonance Imaging & Computed Tomography

Revised October 2015
Magnetic Resonance Imaging & Computed Tomography



Purpose of Clinical Practice Parameters
Role of the College of Physicians and Surgeons
Responsibilities of the College  
Updating this Document
Radiology Guiding Principles

Volume 1 Facility Standards

Chapter 1 Staffing a Facility

Qualifications of Physicians MRI & CT
Qualifications for Radiologists who have not been in active practice in either MRI and/or CT
Continuing Professional Development
MRI/CT Director
Quality Advisor
Medical Physicist – CT and/or MRI
Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) for CT
Medical Radiation Technologists (MR)
Medical Radiation Technologists CT
Injection Certification

Chapter 2 Facilities, Equipment and Supplies

Facilities, Equipment and Supplies
Imaging Equipment for CT/MRI
Quality Control for CT
Quality Control for MRI
Safety Concerns and Resuscitation Equipment
Administration of Medications in Imaging Department
Emergency Procedures

Chapter 3 Developing Policies and Procedures

Developing Policies and Procedures
Infection Control
Respiratory Infections
Radiation Safety and Dose Reduction (ALARA Principles)

Chapter 4 Requesting and Reporting Mechanisms

Requesting Procedures
The Diagnostic Imaging Final Written Report
Charges for Copying Patient Records (As Per MOHLTC Fact Sheet)
Retrieval of Films from another IHF/Institution

Chapter 5 Providing Quality Care

Quality Management Program Goals
Providing Quality Care
Components of a Quality Management Program
Monitoring the Program

Volume 2 Clinical Practice Parameters

CAR Practice Guidelines for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
CAR Standards for Computed Tomography
CAR Guidelines for Test Appropriateness
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Wait Time Targets for MRI/CT Scans

Volume 3 Teleradiology (PACS)

CPSO Telemedicine Policy
CAR Standards for Teleradiology
OAR Teleradiology Practice Standard

Appendices for MRI/CT and General Guidance

Appendix I ACR Guidance Document on MR Safe Practices: 2013
Appendix II MR Safety
Appendix V& Sample Emergency Safety Policy
Appendix VI Requirement for MRI/CT Priority Protocol
Appendix VII Prevention of IV Contrast Reaction Protocol
Appendix VIII Independent Health Facilities Act - Ontario Regulation 57/92

  • Quality Advisor and Advisory Committee
  • Standards
  • Records of Employees
  • Patient Records
  • Books and Accounts
  • Notices
  • Miscellaneous

Appendix IX Sample Patient Survey: Quality of Care
Appendix X Sample Referring Physician Survey-Independent Health Facilities Program


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