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Navigating the Health System — A Guide for Patients and Caregivers

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Continuity of care can mean many things, but often it refers to patients experiencing their care as being connected and coordinated as they move between health-care providers and through the health-care system. Doctors are key facilitators of continuity of care, but patients have an important and growing role to play as well, and the actions they take may help prevent breakdowns in continuity of care.

CPSO developed four Continuity of Care policies for doctors that set out expectations relating to a range of inter-related issues. CPSO and the Citizen Advisory Group co-designed the Continuity of Care Guide for Patients and Caregivers  to help patients and caregivers understand doctors’ responsibilities with respect to continuity of care (as set out in the CPSO’s policies) and to outline the steps they can take to complement doctors’ efforts. The Guide also includes important information about the health-care system and has fillable and printable tools that can be used by patients and caregivers.

You can read and/or download the Guide online.

You can fill in and print out the following to share with those involved in your care:

This is a brief video introduction describing the guide’s purpose, its contents and how it can support your healthcare.

Video Message
Maureen Smith, a patient advocate and Citizen Advisory Group member, recorded a brief message describing the importance of the Guide, and how it will strengthen the partnership between patients and their doctors.