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What’s Public (and What’s Not) About Doctors

We update our database regularly to help you make the best decisions when looking for a doctor.

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Our Find a Doctor database has information about every licensed doctor in Ontario, as well as those no longer practising. 

If you have questions about something in the database or need technical help:

416-967-2603 or 1-800-268-7096, ext. 603.

In addition to basic info about a doctor, the database includes:

  • The doctor’s specialty (e.g., internal medicine) and/or sub-specialty designation (e.g., cardiology), if any.
  • The name of any hospital in Ontario where the doctor can practise, and whether their privileges at a hospital have ever been revoked, suspended or restricted.
  • Whether the doctor’s CPSO registration status is restricted, suspended or revoked; and whether the doctor is registered to practise outside of Ontario, if known.
  • Any criminal charges or guilty findings, findings of malpractice or negligence; allegations or findings of professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity.
  • Any requirements or restrictions agreed to by the doctor (called “undertakings”) related to misconduct.

We do not provide information on:

  • The doctor’s email address or birthdate.
  • If the doctor performs a particular procedure or has expertise in a particular area.
  • The facts of an ongoing investigation or its outcome if no or low-risk concerns were found.
  • Settlements of malpractice/professional negligence civil lawsuits.

We may decide not to post information that we consider obsolete or no longer relevant to the physician’s suitability to practise, according to our guiding principles